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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Perfect fit and design

    I bought this for my son when he was about 4 months old and it lasted him until he was 10 months old when he simply grew out of it and got too long for it. He has very fair skin and this was amazing throughout the summer at the pools and beaches. I love that it’s long sleeved and pants and comes down to his ankles and wrists. We were worried about him being too hot but he was not especially because he was often wet when wearing it. I love that a girl could wear this one too. We did not have it bleed or have any issues with it

    What fantastic compliments! Thank you so much! We think the sunsuits are pretty great and love that you have enjoyed yours so much! Isn’t the palm leaf print great?! The unisex design of it is great for all genders young and old. Thank you so much!!
    Bleeding Colors

    My infant has worn his romper three times into the pool and the green has bled into the white and now looks yellow and dirty. I’m so disappointed as I followed the instructions that came with it to the letter. I expected higher quality for the price.

    Love this for my one year old!!

    I ordered one of these long sleeve suits for my third baby and I LOVE IT. I cannot believe I waited until baby #3 to have the convenience and protection of this suit. I LOVE the pattern, the fit, and the durability. I have never left a review for anything before, but I love this suit that much!

    Boys swimsuit

    Very pleased with this purchase. We purchased two for each of our boys. They held up great at the pool and beach. I love that the zipper completely unzips so it makes bathroom breaks with the toddler much easier because you don’t have to take it off completely while they go. Great quality!


    Great product--so pleased with the quality and practicality of these swimsuits for children