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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Like the hat, but not the fabric

    As many reviewers have stated, this hat runs small. I am petite with a small head and face, so the small size is a positive for me. The hat fits me well, but the fabric is weird. It is too shiny and the wrinkles from shipping are impossible to get out. I have washed the hat twice and the wrinkles remaining no matter what I do. I would give the hat five stars and order more colors if it was made of a non-shiny, quick drying microfiber instead of the “parachute “ type material.

    Great hats!

    These hats are fantastic. They really help avoid problems due to heat exposure. I get tired way more quickly when I am in the sun a while without my hat. However I did notice that the adult hat we got this time was significantly smaller than an adult hat I bought a year ago. It still fits me but not my husband. After reading other reviews, I'm wondering if SwimZip changed something in their sizing? They should take a look at it because these are wonderful hats.

    Great service

    We ordered 2 hats, and one had a catch that wouldn’t stay closed. When I sent the email and photo the les than perfect hat was immediately replaced. Thank you.

    Entirely too small

    We ordered an adult “large” fun sun day hat, and it was too small to fit on my teen’s average size head. Oddly, the label inside indicated “adult,” but the tag displayed pictures of toddlers, so that is a bit unexpected. However, to be fair and give the product an overall review, I must compliment the company on the well constructed hat. The material looks as though it would do a great job protecting one’s head.

    Because I was not able to return it within the company’s timeframe, I opted to keep the hat and send it to a cancer patient who has lost her hair.

    Too small for adults

    The hat fits around my head just fine, but the brim is too small! I thought the brim would be wider, but it's cut the same as the 2-8y hat, AND the 6-24m hat. I barely got any coverage at the water park. The brim needs to be at LEAST 3 inches wider.