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Mommy and Me Matching Swimwear

Are you looking for the perfect matching pieces for a Mommy and daughter?  You're in the right place! SwimZip offers so many different options for "Mommy and Me" matching swimsuits!

There are a ton of different styles from Mommy and Me rash guards, Mommy and Me long sleeve surf suits, Mommy and Me halter top sets, one-shoulder sets, and more!

Check out all of the options by filtering by design.

You girls will be the talk of the pool or beach or anywhere with our matching Mommy and Me swimsuits!

Mommy and me matching swimwear

Are you looking for adorable matching swimsuits for mommy and kids? SwimZip offers many styles of bikinis, rash guards, and one-piece swimsuits for moms and kids. 

Discover cute coordinated styles, eye-catching prints, and vibrant colors that create precious poolside memories.

All of SwimZip's swimwear is made with fabrics rated UPF 50+ for maximum UV protection and sun safety for you and your little ones.

What is UPF?

Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) indicates how effective a fabric is at blocking harmful UV radiation from the sun. Like the sun protection factor (SPF) for sunscreens, UPF measures a fabric's UV transmission.

Important things to know about UPF are:

  • UPF measures UV transmission through fabric, similar to SPF for sunscreen
  • It accounts for both UVB and UVA rays that can cause skin damage and cancer
  • The higher the UPF rating, the greater the fraction of UV rays blocked

Factors that affect UPF are:

  • Fabric type, weight, color, construction, and coatings influence UPF
  • Tighter knits and heavier weights provide higher UV shielding
  • Bright colors like reds and darker shades have better UPF than pale tones

Why choose sun-protective swimwear?

While sunscreen is essential, sun-protective swimwear with UPF 50+ provides an extra layer of defense against the sun's harmful UV rays. Here is why you should choose swimsuits with built-in UPF:

Prevent sunburn and skin damage

Sunburns are not only painful, but they can lead to premature skin aging, wrinkles, and increased skin cancer risk. UPF swimwear acts as wearable sunscreen and shields your skin from up to 98% of burning UVA and UVB rays.

Allow for uninterrupted fun in the sun

Unlike sunscreen that wears off, transfers to beach towels and requires reapplication, UPF protection is inherent in the fabric. This means you and your kids can swim, play, and be active without sunscreen mishaps.

Covers often-missed spots

It's easy to miss spots when applying sunscreen. UPF swimwear provides headache-free coverage of commonly missed areas like the shoulders, back, and stomach.

Protects sensitive skin

For those with sun sensitivities or certain medical conditions, UPF fabrics offer a physical UV barrier superior to sunscreen alone. It's ideal for children's delicate skin.

Convenience and peace of mind

Sun-protective swimwear eliminates the need to constantly reapply and track sunscreen. You can relax and enjoy outdoor activities knowing you're shielded from harsh rays.

With built-in UPF, you get the sun protection you can truly rely on for fun-filled family days by the beach, or swimming pool.

How to choose matching outfits for mommy and kids?

Moms want the cutest matching outfits for beach days with their little ones. These tips help create an adorable look both mom and kid will love:

  • Choose between sleek one-piece swimsuits or playful two-piece swimsuit sets
  • Vibrant prints (think floral or animal) and bold neon colors make a splash
  • UPF 50+ protective clothing, such as rash guards or long sleeves, shields delicate skin
  • Two-piece suits offer active kids easy movement; sleeved styles provide extra coverage
  • Size charts ensure a flattering fit for mom and an adjustable option for growing girls
  • Coordinating prints, colors, or ruffle details creates an undeniably cute mommy-and-daughter look

With these factors in mind, moms can find the perfect matching swimsuits for unforgettable pool parties or beach day adventures with their little girls.

Popular mommy and me swimwear styles

Moms and daughters love to twin in adorable matching swimwear. These popular styles make a splash at the beach or pool:

One-piece wonders

Classic one-piece swimsuits flatter mom's figure and provide full coverage for active little girls. Matching solid colors, playful prints, or fun details like ruffles create a coordinated look.

Choose between animal prints, floral prints, and different color options to find the perfect mommy and daughter swimsuits.

Bikini beauties

Two-piece swimsuits for moms and daughters offer mix-and-match versatility. High-waisted bottoms and supportive tops keep moms comfortable, while girls love the freedom of movement. Choose from:

Halter bikinis

Halter bikini tops provide added support and a flattering neckline for moms. The straps tie behind the neck, allowing for an adjustable fit. 

Girls love the grown-up feel of halter tops, which can feature playful details like smocked or ruffle designs. Mix and match with coordinating bikini bottoms for a customized mommy and me look.

One-shoulder bikinis

Asymmetrical one-shoulder bikini tops add a touch of elegance and style to your beach look. The single strap design is both fashionable and functional, providing support and comfort for moms. 

Girls can twin with their moms in cute one-shoulder bikini tops, featuring fun details like bows or ruffles.

Scoop neck bikinis

Scoop neck bikini tops offer a classic and feminine silhouette for moms. The rounded neckline is universally flattering and provides ample coverage. 

Girls can match their moms in scoop neck tops with adorable details. Pair with high-waisted or swim shorts for a timeless beach style.

Tie bikini tops

Tie bikini tops are a versatile and adjustable option for both moms and daughters. Girls love the playful look of tie bikini tops, which can be mixed and matched with different bottom styles.

Pair matching bikini sets with coordinated cover-ups, sun hats, or sunglasses for a complete beach-ready ensemble that showcases your unique style.

Rash guard duos

Long-sleeved rash guards with UPF 50+ protection shield delicate skin from the sun's harsh rays. These protective clothing items are a must-have for moms and kids who love outdoor adventures. Matching designs in bold colors or eye-catching patterns make a stylish statement while prioritizing sun safety.

Rash guards provide full coverage for the upper body, including the arms, shoulders, and back—areas often missed when applying sunscreen. The lightweight, quick-drying fabric ensures comfort during active beach days or pool play. Moms appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their little ones are shielded from harmful UV rays.

Pair matching rash guards with coordinated swim bottoms for a complete mommy-and-me look. High-neck styles offer extra protection, while zip-front designs make changing a breeze. Choose from vibrant prints like tropical florals or animal prints for a fun, eye-catching look that stands out on the shore.

For a mix-and-match approach, coordinate solid-colored rash guards with printed swim bottoms or vice versa. This allows for endless combinations and the ability to create multiple unique looks with just a few pieces.

Rash guard sets are perfect for beach vacations, snorkeling trips, or days spent poolside. They provide the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and sun protection for moms and kids alike. Invest in matching rash guards for a functional and fashionable addition to your family's swimwear collection.

Tankini twinsies

Tankinis combine the coverage of a one-piece with the convenience of a two-piece. Mom appreciates the modesty and easy fit, while girls can mix and match tops and bottoms. Coordinating colors, prints, or ruffle details tie the look together.

Tankini tops provide ample coverage for the midsection and are a comfortable and confident choice for moms. The longer length offers more sun protection and helps smooth the silhouette. Our tankini tops feature built-in bras for added comfort and security.

Baby girls and toddlers love the freedom of movement that comes with tankini sets. The two-piece design allows them to mix and match tops and bottoms to create their own unique look. Tankinis are perfect for active beach days, as they stay in place during swimming and playing.

From playful bikinis to classic one-piece swimsuits, these popular mommy-and-me swimwear styles create picture-perfect moments and lasting memories in the sun.


Sunsuits are the perfect swimwear choice for little ones who need maximum sun protection during beach days and pool play. These full-coverage suits provide head-to-toe coverage, shielding delicate skin from harmful UV rays.

Made with lightweight, quick-drying fabric, sunsuits keep kids comfortable and cool even on the hottest summer days. The stretchy material allows for unrestricted movement, so children can run, jump, and explore without limitation.

Parents love the convenience of sunsuits, as they eliminate the need for constant sunscreen reapplication. The UPF 50+ fabric blocks up to 98% of UV rays, acting as a physical barrier against the sun's damaging effects. This means more time enjoying outdoor activities and less time worrying about sunburns or skin damage.

You can choose from a lot of different fun colors and prints that kids will love wearing. From bold solid hues to playful patterns such as sea creatures or tropical fruits, there's a style to suit every child's personality. We love this shark feast sunsuit and we are sure your boy will love it too.

Swimwear sets for kids

Our swimwear sets for kids offer both comfort and sun protection, along with stylish designs that children will love wearing. Choose from two popular options: 

Rash guards and tankini sets

Rash guards and tankinis create a winning combination for active kids. The long-sleeved rash guard tops provide superior sun protection, shielding delicate skin from harmful rays. Paired with a tankini bottom, this set allows for easy movement and quick changes.

Girls will adore the vibrant prints and color options available, from tropical florals to bright solids. Mix and match tops and bottoms to create a unique beach day look. The tankini top offers the coverage and security of a one-piece swimsuit with the convenience of a two-piece.

Rash guards and one-piece swimsuits

For those who prefer a more streamlined look, choose a swimwear set featuring a rash guard and a one-piece swimsuit. This combination provides full-body coverage, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

The one-piece swimsuit comes in a range of designs, from classic solids to playful animal prints and geometric patterns. The rash guard top adds an extra layer of sun protection, making this set ideal for extended beach or pool playtime.

Both swimwear sets are made with high-quality, quick-drying fabrics that are chlorine and saltwater-resistant. The stretchy material offers a comfortable fit and full range of motion, so kids can focus on having fun in the sun.

Whether you opt for a rash guard and tankini set or a rash guard and one-piece swimsuit, your child will be ready for a summer of adventures.

Mommy and me FAQ

What swimsuits for women make you feel slimmer?

Swimsuits with ruching, wrap fronts, or strategic color blocking can create a slimming effect. High-waisted bottoms and one-piece swimsuits with built-in shapewear smoothen the silhouette. Dark, solid colors like black or navy are also slimming choices for women's swimsuits.

How do you hide a mom pooch in a bathing suit?

High-waisted bottoms, ruched or draped fabric over the midsection, and one-piece swimsuits with built-in tummy control help conceal a mom pooch. Peplum tops or tankinis with flowy tops can also help disguise the belly area, providing a flattering fit for moms.

Check out our guide to postpartum swimsuits for more ideas.

Should you match yours and your daughter's swimsuits?

Matching mommy and daughter swimsuits create adorable photo opportunities and memories. Coordinating colors, prints, or styles, such as ruffles or smocking, can create a cute matching look without being identical. It's a personal preference and a fun way to bond with your daughter.

What are the most attractive swimsuit colors?

Bold, bright colors like red, fuchsia, or neon hues can be eye-catching and attractive. Classic hues such as black, white, or navy are timeless and sophisticated. Tropical prints, animal prints, or floral patterns can also be attractive choices, depending on personal style and skin tone.

Do tummy-control swimsuits work?

Tummy-control swimsuits can work effectively to smooth and shape the midsection. They typically feature built-in shapewear or compression panels that help flatten the tummy and create a sleeker silhouette. High-waisted bottoms and ruching in the tummy area can also enhance the slimming effect.

What are the best swimsuit options for a family vacation?

When planning a family vacation, consider coordinated bikinis or matching family bikinis for a cute and cohesive look. For moms, choose a flattering swimsuit with support and coverage, while kids' versions can include ruffle bikinis or child swimsuits in similar styles or classic colors. Don't forget an adorable baby bathing suit for the littlest family member!

How can I find a flattering and comfortable maternity swimsuit?

Look for maternity clothing brands that offer swimwear with stretchy, supportive fabrics and room for your growing bump. Tankinis, one-pieces with ruching or wrap fronts, and bikinis with adjustable side ties are all great options. Consider styles that coordinate with your other family's swimsuits for adorable matching looks.

Can I match my toddler's swimsuit to my own?

SwimZip offers adult swimsuits with coordinating kid versions, making it easy to create matching family bikini sets. Look for classic colors, prints, or ruffles that can be found in both adult and toddler sizes. Your little one will love twinning with their mommy at the beach or pool.

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