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Article: Bathing suits for body types

Bathing suits for body types

Bathing suits for body types

The perfect bathing suit flatters your figure and boosts confidence. Different body types have different needs when it comes to swimwear. We'll guide you to the best style for your body type so you can look and feel fabulous.

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What is your body type?

Best swimsuit for apple-shaped body

Best swimsuit for pear-shaped body

Best swimsuit for hourglass body

Best swimsuit for inverted-triangle body

Best swimsuit for rectangle body

Additional tips

SwimZip offers high-quality sun-protective swimwear for all body types! We promote body positivity and share our love of sun-safe fun with stylish, functional, and affordable swimsuits.

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What is your body type?

Identify your body type to find the most flattering swimsuit styles for your figure. Here's a quick guide that highlights some of the common body shapes:

  1. Apple body shape
  2. Pear body shape
  3. Hourglass body shape
  4. Rectangle body shape
  5. Inverted triangle body shape

Let’s find out more about these body types!

Apple (round)

An apple-shaped or round body type carries weight primarily in the midsection, resulting in a fuller bust and waist. The shoulders and hips tend to be narrower in proportion to the rounded stomach area.

For an apple body shape, swimsuit styles should aim to create a flattering silhouette that streamlines and minimizes the midsection while accentuating the upper body and legs. Pieces that cinch at the natural waistline or incorporate tummy control panels can help camouflage the midriff.

Attention should be drawn upward with embellished tops, deeper necklines, or bold patterns on top to balance out the proportions. Darker, solid colors on the bottom minimize the midsection as well. Overall, the goal is to highlight your upper body and legs while downplaying the rounder abdominal area.

Pear (triangle)

A pear or triangle-shaped body means you are narrower at the shoulders and bust, with hips and thighs that are wider in proportion. More weight is carried around the hip, thigh, and buttocks area.

For this shape, swimsuits should focus on balancing out the top and bottom halves. Ruffles, patterns, or molded cups on tops can add volume up top. Lower-cut legs or high-waist bottoms lengthen the leg line.

Swim skirts or swim dresses can be very flattering. Play with proportions by pairing solid, darker bottoms with printed or embellished tops to create an hourglass effect.

The main goal is to draw attention upwards to the bust while elongating the leg, all while flattering your curvaceous lower half.


The hourglass shape is characterized by a bust and hips approximately the same width, and a narrow waist. Weight is distributed evenly over the bust, waist, and hips.

Swimsuits should accentuate a defined waistline and balanced proportions. The V-neck or halter bikini tops draw eyes to the smallest part of the waist. Bottoms that provide moderate coverage on the hips and thighs are flattering for a curvy shape.

Wrap styles and high-cut bottoms cinch in the slimmest part of the torso, while bold prints and color blocking emphasize the hourglass silhouette. The aim should be to highlight feminine curves while streamlining the waistline.

Inverted triangle (athletic)

An inverted triangle or athletic body type is characterized by broader shoulders and narrower hips. The upper body is generally larger and more muscular than the lower body. When selecting a swimsuit, you want styles that create more balanced proportions.

Swimsuits with additional details such as ruffles or embellishments on the hips and leg area can help add volume below the waist. Bottoms with higher-cut legs also tend to be flattering for this body shape. Pairing a sleek, simple top with eye-catching bottoms helps draw attention downwards.

Styles that cinch at the natural waistline define the slimmest part of the torso. Monokinis or one-piece swimsuits with diagonal lines visually streamline the upper body as well. The overall goal is to highlight your athletic shoulders while downplaying that area in favor of balancing your hip proportions.

Rectangle (straight)

A rectangle or straight body type means you have a slimmer, straighter figure without many curved lines. There is little definition between the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips—the body appears more tubular or cylindrical.

When choosing a swimsuit, you want to create more curves and the illusion of a defined waistline. Styles with embellishments, ruching, or color-blocking near the midsection can help achieve this. Bottoms with high-cut legs elongate the leg line.

Tops with molded cups or push-up styles enhance the bust area, while swim dresses or separates with diagonal lines add shape. The key is finding pieces that add flattering dimension and feminine curves to your straight figure. Playing with proportions like pairing a bold print top with solid bottoms also works well.

Once you've identified your body type, you can focus on swimwear styles that will enhance your natural shape and proportions.

Best swimwear for the apple-shaped body type

This colorful high-neck tankini top suits an apple body type nicely. The groovy, warm-toned print features a swirl of red and orange with a bright pop of blue, which serves to draw attention away from the midriff. Combine it with matching high-waisted bottoms or a pair of our sun-protective pants.

Our tankinis offer stylish comfort and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

Take a look at our collection of tankini tops!

Women’s High Neck Fitted Tankini Top

Best swimwear for pear-shaped body type

This all-black swim dress is a good choice for pear shapes, as the color is slimming and the style balances out wider hips by drawing attention to the upper body. 

The zipper and adjustable side ruching on both sides make finding the perfect fit easy.

Women's Essential Swim Dress Cover Up

Best swimwear for hourglass body type

For women with an hourglass body type, halter tops are an excellent choice, as they draw the eyes to the smallest area of the waist and accentuate balanced proportions. This cold brew halter top matched with the same color high-waisted bottom will show off your well-defined waist. 

Women's Halter Bikini Top

Best swimwear for inverted-triangle body type

The best swimwear for an inverted triangle body shape adds more visual interest and volume to the lower body and hips. This helps balance out broader shoulders for a more proportionate look.

For example, this Navy Gingham tie-side bikini bottom paired with a simple crop top will bring out that hourglass look by adding curves below the waist. Complete the ensemble with one of our sun visors and you'll be set to soak up the sun in style.

Women's Tie Bikini Bottom

Best swimwear for rectangle body type

The best swimwear option for a rectangle body type adds shape and curvature through strategic ruching, color-blocking, or embellishments on the bust and hip areas.

For example, this floral garden swim top will to the upper body and neckline, and your shoulders won't look as narrow when paired with high-waisted bottoms that accentuate your hips. 

Women's Tie Bikini Top

Additional tips for the perfect bathing suit

Beyond your body type, keep these additional tips in mind to find the perfect swimsuit.

  • The activity. If you plan on doing activities like swimming laps or playing beach sports, look for swimsuits made of chlorine-resistant, quick-drying fabrics with spandex for flexibility. Sporty swimsuits in nylon or polyester work well. If you are sticking to sunbathing, soft ribbed fabrics are comfortable for lounging.
  • Think about sun protection. For sun protection, look for suits with UPF 50+ fabric. All of our sun protective swimwear is made with UPF 50+ rated material.
  • Pay attention to colors and patterns. Darker shades are typically more slimming. Prints can camouflage and add interest. Solid bright colors attract attention.
  • Invest in quality. Well-made swimsuits retain their shape and last longer. Look for reinforced seams, internal liners, and chlorine-resistant fabrics.
  • Embrace your body and feel confident. The most important thing is choosing a suit you feel great in. When you feel confident, you look amazing no matter what! Wear your swimsuit with pride.

Removable straps give you the freedom to size up in the bust or bottoms to provide a customized fit. And don't forget accessories like sunglasses and sun hats!

Choose SwimZip 

At SwimZip, we offer a range of bathing suits that are designed to make you look and feel your best. Our swimsuits are not only fashionable but also provide complete sun protection, blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. They are made of the highest-rated, most comfortable UPF 50+ sun-protective fabric, and are quick-drying and chlorine-resistant.

Whether you're planning a day at the beach, a pool party, or a casual walk around town, our swimwear is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. 

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Purchaser loves oversized swim bottom


Bathing suits FAQ

How do you hide lower belly fat in a swimsuit?

To hide lower belly fat in a swimsuit, look for styles with tummy control panels or ruching in the midsection area. High-waisted bottoms that come up over the belly can also camouflage and smooth out the lower abdomen. Additionally, swim dresses or high-neck tankinis provide extra coverage for the stomach area.

What color swimsuit makes you look slimmer?

Dark colors, especially black and navy blue, have a slimming effect on the body. To add interest while maintaining the slimming effect, opt for swimsuits with fashion-forward silhouettes and styles, including those with cut-outs.

Are tankinis flattering?

Tankinis can be flattering depending on your body type and the specific style. Longer tankini tops that provide tummy coverage are great for apple shapes. Ones with subtle ruching or embellishments on top balance out curvier bottoms for pear figures. Overall, separates allow you to perfectly fit both your top and bottom.

How do I know my bathing suit size?

To determine your bathing suit size, first take accurate hip, waist, and bust measurements while wearing minimal clothing. Compare those to swimsuit size charts, using the largest of the three measurements to choose your size. It's best to try suits on as sizing can vary. Don't forget adjustable elements like ties allow for a customized fit.

How do you wear a swimsuit with saggy breasts?

For women with saggy or mature breasts, an underwire or molded cup swimsuit top provides shaping and lift. For the perfect support, make sure to choose a swimsuit with adjustable straps. Deeper V-neck or sweetheart necklines are flattering as well. Ruffles, patterns, or embellishments on the top can also help draw the eye up.

What body type looks good in a classic one-piece swimsuit?

One-piece swimsuits offer a flattering style for hourglass and athletic body types. The single piece creates a streamlined look. On athletic figures, one-pieces visually balance out broader shoulders, but they can work for any shape with the right tailoring and design details.

Are hourglass figures considered good-looking?

The hourglass shape, with its curvy hips, larger bust, and narrow waist, is widely considered one of the most universally appealing and good-looking figures. This body type represents the idealized standard of feminine beauty in many cultures. 

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