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Article: What are the different types of bikinis?

Woman in a bikini enjoys sun—Types of bikini.

What are the different types of bikinis?

Bikinis come in different styles, each with a different level of coverage and support. From classic designs to modern cuts, there's a bikini to suit every taste and figure.

We'll explore some of the most popular bikini styles, highlight their features, and help you find your perfect bikini match.

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What is a bikini?

Different types of bikini tops

Different types of bikini bottoms

Bikini sets for girls

Other bikini styles

How to choose


Our bikini collection has a wide range of cuts and styles to flatter every figure. Match top and bottom, or go with mismatched for a fun effect. Swimzip’s entire collection of sun-protective swimwear is made with UPF 50+ rated fabric so you can enjoy the summer sun and protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. 

What is a bikini?

A bikini is a brief, close-fitting two-piece swimsuit for women and girls. In 1946, French clothing designers Jacques Heim and Louis Réard introduced an innovative two-piece swimsuit design featuring a bra top and two triangles of fabric on the bottom tied at the hips. They named the creation the “bikini”, drawing inspiration from Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, where the U.S. had recently conducted atomic bomb testing.

The skimpy new swimsuit was considered risqué and even scandalous. Réard compared it to a cultural “explosion” akin to the nuclear tests occurring at the islands. 

Since then, the original bikini design has been modified and re-imagined into the different bikini styles we see today.

What are the different styles of bikini tops?

Our bikini tops come in many styles to suit different body types, sizes, fashion preferences, and coverage needs. 

Scoop bikini tops

Our scoop bikini tops feature a modern, minimalist design with a squared-off neckline that sits comfortably below the collarbone. This relaxed yet stylish neckline offers a flattering fit that provides moderate coverage while still allowing you to show off your sun-kissed shoulders.

Scoop bikini tops are versatile pieces, perfect for everything from beach days to poolside lounging. You can easily pair them with your favorite bikini bottoms, swim skirts, or even shorts for a chic and trendy look.

Key features of our scoop bikini tops include:

  • Fully lined
  • Removable cups
  • Adjustable straps that can be converted between straight or crossed 
  • Elastic band under bust
  • Nursing friendly

Check out this flattering Lemon scoop bikini top. This bright, refreshingly fun print will help you squeeze every last drop out of summer. 

Pair this adorable scoop top with matching Lemon high-waisted bottoms for a complete beach outfit that features all-day UPF sun protection.

Woman in a SwimZip Lemon scoop bikini top at the beach—Types of bikini

Front-tie bikini tops

Our front-tie bikini tops add a flirty, feminine touch to your beach look with their flattering keyhole neckline and eye-catching front tie detail. This on-trend style draws the eye in with its knotted accent right at the bust line.

Front-tie tops are the perfect blend of barely-there minimalism and playful detailing. The cute tied bow adds just a hint of flair while the plunging keyhole neckline offers a face-framing look. Removable soft cups provide customizable coverage and support.

 Key features of our front-tie bikini tops are:

  • Fully lined
  • Removable cups
  • Adjustable straps
  • Keyhole at the front with semi-adjustable bow
  • Elastic band at the waist

Look at this Floral Garden front-tie bikini top. You are sure to feel fresh and look great in this amazing floral design. The vibrant botanical print featuring shades of pink, red, and green will have you channeling a tropical paradise.

Woman in a Floral Garden front-tie bikini top by SwimZip at the beach—Types of bikini.

One-shoulder bikini tops

Make a bold statement with our chic one-shoulder bikini tops. This asymmetrical style features a single strap that gracefully arches over one shoulder, leaving the other bare for a flirtatious and trendy look. 

One-shoulder tops offer moderate coverage with a fashion-forward aesthetic. The diagonal neckline draws the eye, while the sleek, minimalist silhouette creates a flattering, elongated shape. 

The single-strap design pairs well with color-blocked or high-cut leg bikini bottoms.

Key features of our one-shoulder tops are:

  • Removable, optional thin strap (not on all models)
  • Single diagonal strap over one shoulder
  • Supportive underlining and removable cups
  • Flattering ruched detailing along the sides

You will love this Peachy Stripes bikini top. The fresh peach, red, and white striped pattern feels cheerful and lively, perfect for sunny days by the water. Accented with solid peach binding, this top epitomizes a breezy, tropical-inspired look.

Woman in a Peachy Stripes one shoulder bikini top by SwimZip poses close to the beach—Types of bikini.

What are the different types of bikini bottoms?

Find the perfect set of bikini bottoms to go along with your bikini top and put together a sizzling ensemble for the summer. Swimzip offers the following bikini bottom styles:

Side tie bikini bottoms

Add a playful, easily adjustable element to your beach look with our side-tie bikini bottoms. These cheeky bikini bottoms feature long, fabric tie strings at the hip that allow you to cinch the sides to your desired fit and coverage.

Side ties offer flattering ruching along the hips and thighs, sculpting and accentuating your curves. You can tie them loosely for a relaxed vibe or tightly pulled for a cheeky, high-cut leg look. The adjustable ties make it easy to get that perfect customized fit.

These side-tie bottoms provide moderate to minimal coverage, depending on how you tie them. Here are some of the key features:

  • Fully lined
  • Side ties are adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Medium rise: will sit a few inches below your belly button

Can you think of a more classic, feel-good summer print than Gingham? This Navy Gingham print will add a bold touch to your swim attire. Pair it with a wide-brimmed hat and matching cropped rash guard for sun protection and style.

Woman in a SwimZip Navy Gingham side tie bottom looks at the river—Types of bikini.

High-waisted bikini bottoms

Accentuate your natural curves while getting fuller coverage with our chic high-waisted bikini bottoms. This retro-inspired style sits higher on the waist and provides more fabric through the tummy area.

Our high-waisted bottoms offer a flattering, elongating look that complements different body shapes. The higher rise helps smooth and sculpt your midsection, while the moderate to full back coverage accentuates your backside.

These swim bottoms give the perfect balance between vintage sophistication and modern sultriness. You can pair them with crop tops or tankini tops for a fashion-forward way to rock the pool or beach scene.

Key features of our high-waisted bikini bottoms are:

  • High rise: will sit around your belly button
  • Flattering adjustable tie waist
  • No-dig comfortable leg openings
  • Moderate-full bum coverage
  • Fully lined

Make a bold, patriotic statement in our Americana high-waisted bikini bottoms featuring eye-catching white stars on a blue base alongside those iconic red and white stripes. 

The flattering retro-inspired cut coupled with the vibrant Americana motif creates a fun, fashionable look that's perfect for the 4th of July or any sunny summer day.

Woman in SwimZip Americana bikini poses at the beach—Types of bikini

Bikini sets for girls

We have an adorable selection of two-piece bikini sets made just for girls. Our kid-friendly styles allow young beach-goers to create their cute warm-weather looks.

For tops, we offer classic halter bikini styles that tie behind the neck for a secure fit. Or she can go for a playful one-shoulder design with a single strap. Ruffled bandeau tops are another fun, youthful option.

To pair with the tops, choose from our high-waisted bikini bottoms or classic bikini bottoms. The high-waisted cuts provide a bit more coverage for active play. Both bottom styles come in many vibrant prints and solid colors so she can pick and choose her favorites.

With these separates, she can mix and match her tops and bottoms however she likes! Whether she wants to match her top and bottom or create a vibrant contrast, the options are endless for her to express her personal style.

Check out this interesting Geo Party bikini set. This abstract geo print features vibrant orange and navy dots set on a bold aqua background color. Your little lady is sure to get all the compliments in her cute two-piece ruffle bikini set. With adjustable straps and an adjustable back tie, it’s easy to get a great fit!

Girl in a SwimZip Geo party bikini set walks by the pool—Types of bikini.

Other bikini styles

Other types of bikini bottoms and tops include:

  • Triangle bikini: a classic bikini top style featuring triangular-shaped cups that provide coverage and support.
  • Bandeau bikini: a strapless bikini top that provides coverage across the bust.
  • Hipster bottoms: bikini bottoms that offer more coverage than a traditional bikini, sitting higher on the hips.
  • Underwire bikini: bikini tops that have an underwire like a regular bra to provide more support and shaping for the bust.
  • Brazilian bikini bottoms: cut to provide minimal coverage in the back for a cheeky, revealing look.

How do I choose the right bikini style?

Here are some tips on how to choose the right bikini type for you:

Consider your body type

  • Pear shape: try a tie bikini top to balance out hips. High-waisted bottoms can slenderize.
  • Athletic shape: show off your figure in a sporty bikini with extra support. Halter tops accentuate shoulders.
  • Curvy shape: look for shape-enhancing features such as underwires, push-up tops, and tummy control panels.

Find the right fit

  • The top should fit snugly without digging in or gaping. Make sure the straps don't slip.
  • Bottoms shouldn't pinch but rather smoothly cover your rear. Low-rise isn't for everyone.

Pick a flattering style

  • Bandeau styles accentuate smaller busts. Halter tops flatter slender frames. Strapless tops show off shoulders.
  • Swim shorts or skirted bottoms can camouflage stomachs and hips, while thongs highlight booties.

Consider coverage level

  • If you'll be active at the pool or playing beach volleyball, for example, ensure you get fuller coverage for security and support.
  • Less fabric means more skin exposure. Choose a bikini that will give you the coverage and sun protection you want.

Stylish bikini options are everywhere; find the perfect match for your body, coverage needs, and activities. The right bikini keeps you comfortable, secure, and feeling chic.

Benefits of bikinis

The bikini, also known as a two-piece bathing suit, offers some unique advantages over other swimsuit styles. These include:

  • Better tanning. Minimize tan lines and get a more complete, all-over golden tan.
  • Body showcasing. Bikinis show off your figure, accentuating the female physique more than a typical one-piece swimsuit does. 
  • Style. Bikinis come in many styles, so you can easily find one that suits your taste. Whether you want a simple design or a more elaborate one, there's a bikini out there for you.
  • Comfort and mobility. Bikinis allow freedom of motion without swaths of fabric getting in the way. They are perfect for swimming, watersports, and activities where you want less coverage and more freedom.

Choose Swimzip for bikinis and other swimwear

SwimZip offers a range of bikini tops, bottoms, and sets that will make you look and feel your best. Our swim tops are not only fashionable but also provide complete sun protection, blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. They are made of the highest-rated, most comfortable UPF 50+ fabric, and are quick-drying and chlorine-resistant.

Beach day upcoming? Pool party on the calendar? Casual town walk? Our bikinis come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes so there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Bikinis FAQ

What is the V-shaped bikini called?

The V-shaped bikini is commonly referred to as a plunge bikini or plunging neckline bikini. These flattering bikini tops feature a deep V-cut that elongates the torso and shows off ample cleavage for a sexy look. Plunge bikinis come in different styles such as triangle tops or strappy designs.

Why do girls wear cheeky bikinis?

Girls often opt for cheeky bikini bottoms because they provide minimum coverage and maximum exposure in the back. These skimpier bikini bottom styles are considered ultra-revealing and sultry. Cheeky bottoms leave little to the imagination and allow for ventilation and tanning with minimal tan lines.

How many bikinis should a woman have?

There's no set number, but most women benefit from having a couple of swimwear styles in their wardrobe for different occasions. 3 to 5 bikinis covering your favorite styles and colors is a good starting point. This allows options for laying out, beach trips, water sports, and vacation looks.

Are bikinis or one pieces sexier?

This is subjective, but many view bikinis as a sexier choice than one-piece suits. Bikinis expose more skin and allow you to show off toned abs, curves, and legs. One-pieces can still be sexy with plunging necklines, high-cut legs, or strappy, revealing designs.

Where were bikinis banned?

For decades, bikinis were banned or restricted in many conservative regions such as Muslim countries and districts of Europe. Some areas like Barceloneta Beach in Spain had anti-bikini rules up until the 2000s. Even places like Hawaii saw gradual acceptance of the bikini after initial bans.

What bikini suits small breasts?

Women with smaller busts are often best suited for triangle tops or bandeau bikini tops. These styles provide less coverage which can enhance and flatter a petite chest. Sports bra bikini tops with removable cups and molded cups also offer youthful shaping for an athletic body shape.

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