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Article: The best swimsuits for the whole family

The best swimsuits for the whole family

The best swimsuits for the whole family

Our swimsuits combine style, comfort, and sun protection. They are lightweight, quick-drying, and made from UPF 50+ fabric that blocks 98% of UVA and UVB radiation. We offer different styles and sizes so you can find the perfect fit and fashion while staying sun safe.

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Best one-piece for women

Best one-piece for girls

Best bikini for women

Best bikini for girls

Best swim dress for women

Best swim dress for girls

Best rash guards

Best swim trunks

Look what this customer has to say about our Navy Gingham long-sleeved rash guard for girls.


SwimZip commenter about long-sleeved rash guard for toddler girls—Best swimsuits

Best one-piece swimsuit for women

Our selection of one-piece swimsuits works for different body types and styles. Crafted with high-quality, durable materials and a focus on both functionality and style, these swimsuits ensure you can enjoy your sun-soaked adventures with confidence and protection.

Our one-piece bathing suits feature:

  • Long sleeves
  • Double-layered fabric
  • Back zipper pull
  • Thumb holes
  • Full lines
  • Removable modesty cups 

Our black polka dot swimsuit offers a sophisticated, modern look. The timeless polka dot pattern blends contemporary and classic styles.

Woman in a SwimZip one-piece swimsuit by the pool—Best swimsuits

Best one-piece swimsuits for girls

We also offer girls one-piece swimsuits perfect for a day at the beach or pool. Choose from our selection of stylish and functional options, including:

Our “too sweet” ruffle one piece swimsuit for girls is perfect for your girl on the go. She’ll love the ruffle details and you’ll love features like adjustable straps and easy change diaper snaps on infant sizes.

Girl in a SwimZip ruffle one-piece swimsuit playing at the beach with her mom and little sis—Best swimsuits.

Best bikini for women

One of the great things about bikinis is the freedom to mix and match tops and bottoms to personalize your summer fashion. Our bikinis come in different styles to suit different body types and personal preferences. 

Some of the most popular bikini styles we offer are:

  • Scoop bikini tops: a swim top with a convertible, adjustable straps, and a minimal, clean squared-off neckline. 
  • Front tie bikini tops: feature a cute keyhole front tie, adjustable straps, and removable cups. 
  • Halter bikini tops: feature racerback, halter front cut, removable cups, and an elastic band at the bust.
  • One-shoulder bikini tops: feature one shoulder covered while leaving the other shoulder strapless and exposed.
  • Side-tie bikini bottoms: offer the perfect amount of coverage with adjustable ties at the side to fit and sit exactly how you like. 
  • High-waisted bottoms: feature flattering front and back seams and are fully lined. The waistline sits higher on the torso. They are good for women who are self-conscious and want a little bit more coverage.

For example, this tropical bird bikini top features different types of birds on a stylish pastel background. With a minimal, clean squared-off neckline and convertible, adjustable shoulder straps, this cute bikini top will be your instant favorite. Pair it with a high-waist bottom and you are good to go.

Woman in a SwimZip tropical birds bikini top looking at the beach—Best swimsuits

Best bikini for girls

In our swimwear collection of two-piece suits for girls, you’ll find perfect combinations for your little girl. Halter tops add a bit of elegance, while one-shoulder tops will make her look stylish and confident on the beach or by the pool.

Choose from different color options such as vibrant solids, trendy ombre patterns, and whimsical prints to match her unique personality and style.

This butterfly patterned bikini set comes with a super cute one-shoulder ruffle top and high waist bikini bottoms. The vibrant colors and playful design make it a perfect choice for a fun-filled day in the sun.

Girl in a SwimZip butterfly love two-piece swimsuit plays at the beach—Best swimsuits.


Best swim dresses for women

Whether you're looking for comfort, flexibility, style, or all of the above, a swim dress offers functionality and fashion. They can be worn in and out of the water for swimming laps, beach days, pool parties, or even as casual cover-ups to wear around town. 

Swim dresses provide excellent coverage to flatter every woman's figure. With sizes ranging from XS to 3X, there's an option for all body types.

Adjustable ties on both sides allow easy conversion from dress length to shirt length, while the half-length zipper makes it super easy to get off and on.

Check out this hibiscus half-zip swim dress and slide into island time with this vibrant mix of hibiscus flowers and juicy papaya slices. The floral print exudes tropical vibes and feminine flair.

Woman in a SwimZip swim dress walks around the beach—Best swimsuits

Best swim dresses for girls

From adorable ruffles to comfortable silhouettes, our swim dresses for girls combine style and convenience for your girl’s endless water adventures. She will make a statement in the pool with our curated selection, where every swim is a twirl-worthy celebration of fun and fashion.

This coral swim dress for girls features different types of corals on a vibrant neon background. Enjoy a relaxing trip to the pool or beach in one of our cute swim dress cover-ups. 

The half zipper makes wearing this stylish girls swim cover-up a breeze. Adjustable ties on both sides allow for easily converting from dress length to shirt length. This swim dress is a must-have to go with her favorite swimsuit. 


Girl in a SwimZip coral swim dress at the beach—Best swimsuits.


Best unisex rash guard

Our rash guards are UV-protective swim shirts that provide extra sun protection for your back, chest, and shoulders. Whether you're seeking full coverage with long sleeves, a more breathable option with short sleeves, or a cropped style, we've got you covered. 

We offer rash guards for the whole family. Whether you're shopping for yourself, your partner, or your little ones, our selection of rash guards has something for everyone. Stay sun-safe while enjoying summer fun with your crew.

This black long-sleeved rash guard for men provides protection from sunburn and sun rash in a breathable, flattering design. Black is a perfect color for minimalist, go-with-anything appeal.


Man in a SwimZip black rash guard—Best swimsuits.


Our women’s long-sleeved crop top zipper rash guard looks great and gives protection at the beach and during water activities.  


Woman in a SwimZip cropped rash guard with a swim skirt by the pool—Best swimsuits


Pair this cropped rash guard with a fuschia swim skirt. This vibrant and vivid pinkish-purplish fuchsia color will have you feeling as lovely as the flower it’s named after.

Our women's swim skirts feature a customizable length design with adjustable side ties, a high-waisted rise that sits around the belly button, and an internal bikini liner. Stow your smaller belongings in the hidden waistband pocket for convenience.  Beat the sun’s rays in this sunny yellow rash guard. Our signature long sleeve rash guard is the perfect UV protective swim jacket that will keep your kiddo protected from the sun all day long. It’s perfect for the pool, beach, and everywhere in between.

It comes in different sizes—from infant to teens—so you can find the perfect rash guard for your growing child, keeping them safe and stylish no matter their age.


Baby boys in a SwimZip yellow rash guard lies on the beach—Best swimsuits.


Gingham is a checked pattern that never goes out of style. This pink gingham rash guard for girls is a timeless choice that will keep her protected from the sun while looking adorable at the beach or pool.


Girl in a SwimZip pink gingham rash guard plays at the beach—Best swimsuits.


Best swim trunks for men

Our men's swim trunks combine functional features with a great fit. The quick-dry material, water-draining pockets, and soft boxer liner ensure all-day comfort. The velcro back pocket secures valuables during beach volleyball, pool time, or water slides. They are available in multiple prints, with a regular fit and drawstring waist.

This coral swim trunk features different types of corals displayed on a vibrant neon background. The ultra-soft shorts liner in a boxer brief style and length eliminates annoying rubbing and chafing so you can enjoy a full day in the water. Get the comfort of athletic wear for water sports, beach activities, and beyond.


Man in a SwimZip swim trunk short at the beach—Best swimsuits


Best swim bottoms for kids

Our swim bottoms for boys and girls come in a variety of fun and practical styles, including:

  • Classic swim trunks with elastic waistband and adjustable tie drawstring for flexible sizing (available in sizes 6-14)
  • Quick-dry euro shorties for boys and girls with an adjustable waistband and functional drawstring (available in sizes from 6-12 months to 6-8T)

Whether your little one prefers a streamlined look or wants a bit more coverage, we have the perfect swim bottoms to keep them comfortable and confident all summer long.

These bright lemon print shorties transport you to a veranda overlooking sunny islands and the spectacular multi-colored beaches of the Mediterranean coastline. Your little one will love these European-inspired swim shorts and so will you! These soft and stretchy swim shorties will have your little guy or gal rockin’ summer in style! 


Boy in a SwimZip lemon euro swim shorties plays at the beach—Best swimsuits.

How to care for your swimsuit

Here are some tips for how to properly care for your swimsuits:

  • Rinse after use. Rinse your swimsuit with fresh, cold water after each use to remove chlorine, salt water, and sunscreen residue. This helps prevent the fabric from breaking down prematurely.
  • Avoid washing with regular clothes. Wash swimsuits separately from other clothing items to prevent color transfer and excessive abrasion. Use a mild detergent formulated for delicates.
  • Hand wash or use a delicate cycle. Hand wash gently or use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. This is the best for swimsuits. Avoid hot water as it can cause fading and stretching.
  • Skip the dryer. Never put swimsuits in the dryer, as the high heat will damage and break down stretchy fabrics like spandex. Instead, roll in a towel to remove excess water, then lay flat or hang to air dry completely.
  • Protect from direct sunlight. When not in use, keep your swimsuits out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and degradation of the material from UV exposure.
  • Follow care tags. Always check and follow any specific care instructions on the manufacturer's tag for your particular swimsuit.

Choose Swimzip for your swimwear

SwimZip cares about sun protection. We offer quality sun-protective swimwear that will make you look and feel your best. Our swimsuits are not only fashionable but also provide complete sun protection. They are made of the highest-rated, most comfortable fabric, and are quick-drying and chlorine-resistant.

Our swimsuits are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Check out some of our other collections:

Take a look at our sunny stripe collection that offers matching swimwear outfits for the whole family. The crew will be colorful, coordinated, and ready to make memories that you will cherish forever.

Family in SwimZip matching collection on the beach—Best swimsuits


Swimsuits FAQ

What swimwear do professional swimmers use?

Professional swimmers typically wear form-fitting swimsuits made from technical fabrics that reduce water resistance. These competitive swimsuits often feature compressive qualities to streamline the body and minimize drag in the water. Popular styles include knee-length suits for men and high-cut leg openings for women.

What is a popcorn swimsuit?

A popcorn swimsuit is a unique style featuring a textured, bubbled appearance meant to resemble popcorn. The fabric is intentionally crinkled or gathered to create a three-dimensional, bumpy texture across the suit. This playful, eye-catching design adds visual interest to a simple one-piece swimsuit.

Are string bikinis attractive?

String bikinis, known for their minimal side-string or g-string bottoms, can be considered attractive by some. Opinions vary based on personal preferences for modesty and coverage. String bikinis bare more skin and accentuate the body, appealing to those favoring revealing, daring swimwear styles.

What swimwear is most flattering?

The most flattering swimwear depends on individual body types, but some popular choices include one-piece suits with a control lining for a smooth look, high-waist bikini bottoms to highlight curves, and tankini tops that provide gentle bust support. Dark, solid colors and busy prints can also be strategically flattering.

Which are the most famous swimsuit brands?

Famous swimsuit brands include Speedo, Arena, TYR, Hunza G, and Dolfin. These brands offer swimwear for competitive swimming, leisure, and fashion, and are known for their quality, performance, and style. Then there’s SwimZip; we’re known for our quality swimwear that provides sun protection and style. 

How can I look thinner in a swimsuit?

To look thinner in a swimsuit, look for styles with control lining or compression fabrics to smooth bulges. Darker colors and vertical or diagonal patterns can create a lengthening illusion. High-waisted bottoms and one-piece suits with tummy control panels also help streamline the midsection.

What color is the most slimming for swimsuits?

Black is generally considered the most slimming color for swimsuits as it has a narrowing, streamlining effect. Dark solid colors like navy and burgundy can also minimize areas you wish to downplay. Contrast colors can also be strategically flattering when darker shades are placed on areas you want to minimize.

What type of swimsuit is the best for a big belly?

The best type of swimsuit for a big belly is one that offers tummy control, such as one-pieces with ruching or peplum styles. High-waisted bikini bottoms can also provide extra coverage and support for the midsection, creating a flattering look.

What type of swimsuit is the best for larger busts?

Swimsuits with underwire support, adjustable straps, and cup-sized tops are best for larger busts. Styles that offer ample coverage and support, such as tankinis or one-pieces with built-in bras, can also be flattering and comfortable for those with fuller busts.

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