Easy Peasy DIY SwimZip Skeleton Halloween Costume!

Halloween is just around the corner and SwimZip has the perfect twist on the classic Skeleton costume! This DIY Skeleton costume is adorable and more importantly, EASY! Make the process one step easier by ordering the SwimZip Long Sleeve Rash Guard, and you are already halfway done with your DIY Skeleton Costume!

Skeleton Costume DIY
Here is how you make the skeleton ribs!!!
-Black Long Sleeve Top
-1 Sheet of White Felt
-White thread and needle
-Skeleton rib stencil
Skeleton Costume DIY
Print out this stencil to whatever size works best with the size of your top.
Skeleton Costume DIY
1. Pin your stencil to the white felt and cut it out. This was a little tricky because of the thickness of our felt. You can also cut out the stencil, trace along the outsides with a pencil on to your felt and cut it out if that is easier for you!
2. We cut our rib stencil in to two pieces since our top has a zipper. Pin both sides to the front of your top wherever you think it looks most like the wearer's ribs would be.
3. Sew the felt to your top with white thread using a running stitch (we unzipped the top to make it easier to sew). 
4. If your top has a zipper make sure the other side is aligned at the top and bottom when it's zipped before you start sewing it. Then, sew the other side to your top!
Boom! You're done!!
Skeleton Costume DIY
The final product modeled by Liz Cannon's little skele-kids
Ps. Make a DIY Skele-Girl Costume to match the DIY Skeleton Costume! The SwimZip Polka Dot Surf Suit paired with a black tulle skirt completes the Skele-Girl Costume!   
Stay tuned to SwimZip's Instagram for a giveaway on OCTOBER 18 with Opposite of Far and Elle Belle Baby...where you could win BOTH complete DIY Skeleton costumes! ($135 value!!)

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