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Shēdo Lane Women's UV Sun Protective Clothing, UPF 50+ Everyday Wear

We know how important sun protection is for healthy skin.  Messing around with those nasty, cancer causing UVA and UVB rays is no joke!  For years you have trusted SwimZip to provide the best sun protection swimwear ... and now we ask you to try our sister brand, Shedo Lane, for the best women's UV sun protection clothing beyond the pool and beach.

Shēdo Lane is our luxury brand of UPF 50+ everyday wear UV sun protection clothing line.  These sun protection shirts, dresses, scarves and more are so buttery soft.

Shedo Lane UV apparel has the highest SPF factor for clothing and blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays.  We love wearing these stylish and incredibly functional clothes and know you will too!

It is easy to remember to keep skin protected around the water - sometimes it seems like sunscreen was invented just for that purpose.  But the reality is, pool and beach time are just a small fraction of the time we spend out in the sun.  A walk to work, driving to lessons, a playdate at the park, a beach vacation or cruise, or simply running those never ending errands constantly puts us in the sun.  Literally hours and hours of UV sun exposure every week.  Wearing UPF 50+ sun protection clothing, like Shēdo Lane, is recommended by dermatologists and is a simple way to commit to doing all we can to taking care of our skin.

Come check out Shēdo Lane UV sun protection clothing!  We know you are going to love our styles, the soft feel of the fabric, and how easy everyday sun protection really can be!   Shēdo Lane, is the luxury sun protection clothing brand women trust for stylish sun protective clothing.