SwimZip is now offers shipping insurance provided by Route to further secure your shipment!

How it works:

1) One-Click Protection: Select the Route option to secure your shipment from loss, damage, or theft for $0.98 or about 1% of your order total over $98

2) Instant Approval: Your order is instantly backed by Route and Lloyds of London.


3) One-Click Claims: If you need to file a claim, one-click in an email sent following your purchase will pre-fill your order info and instantly file a claim. That's it! Your new suit will be on its way and no need to return any items back to us.

If you lost your email, you can file a claim here.



Doesn't FedEx and UPS already cover this?

    • Though some shipping carriers do cover some of the claims, it’s only up to $100 in value and once they leave the item on the doorstep they are no longer liable for damage or stolen items. Filing a claim can be cumbersome and is subject to approval.

    Does Route cover porch pirating/stolen items?

      • Yes! When orders are insured with Route, any items stolen off of your porch are covered by Route, even after the item is marked as delivered. 11 million Americans had packages stolen last year alone and with the increase in online shopping this number just keeps growing.

      If I file a claim for a damaged product, will I need to return that item?

      • No need! Feel free to keep, donate, or recycle the damaged product while you are sent a new one.

      Is Route a licensed insurance company?

        • Yes. Not only is Route a licensed insurance company, they are partnered with the biggest name in shipping insurance, Lloyds of London, as an insurance partner.