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Carbon Neutral Shipping

We're Offsetting Carbon Emissions

We are going carbon neutral with our order shipping! We are excited to partner with Pachama to offset our carbon emissions to support the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project located in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

Starting today, May 1, 2020, for every order we ship, we will be offsetting the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere by supporting forest preservation and doing our part to combat climate change.

As we all turn more and more to online shopping and direct shipping, we are proud to take this step in doing our part to positively impact the world around us. We thank you for continuing to support our mission to provide our customers with products to keep them sun-safe as well as our shared greater mission of protecting our earth!


What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere so the increased greenhouse gases (in this case from shipping your SwimZip to you) have a net impact of 0. For example, if a truck releases 150 g of CO2 in one mile, taking actions to preserve a forest remove an equal 150 g of CO2 per mile from the atmosphere will offset the carbon emissions from that shipment.

Is there anything needed from me for SwimZip to offset my shipment?

No! We will be offsetting carbon emissions for every order shipped automatically!

What does Pachama do?

Pachama uses a algorithm-based monitoring technology to analyze satellite images of forests to provide accurate estimations of carbon storage and capture to provide additional verification.

What is the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project?

The Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project is a Verified Carbon Standard certified project. Our funds will go towards protecting the existing forest, improving the biomass through better forest management practices, and verifying the progress of the project.

Learn more about the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project