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    Sun Protective Apparel Baby


    SwimZip is so excited to share our new sister brand, Shedo Lane, for the best "everyday wear" sun protective clothing for babies!  Sun protection swimwear is, of course, a must for babies - but water time is just a small portion of the time babies actually spend outside in the sun.  Shedo Lane offers luxuriously soft, UPF 50+ clothes for babies to wear beyond the pool.  Ideal for trips to the park and playground, beach vacations, and basically anytime baby is outside, Shedo Lane has the rompers, onesies, pants and leggings, and long sleeve cardigans to keep your favorite little one's skin covered from the sun.


    Baby skin is particularly sensitive to the sun's UV rays, and our baby sun protection clothing blocks over 98% of those cancer causing UVA and UVB rays.  Doctors and scientists are finding stronger and stronger links between sun exposure and skin cancer later in life, so choosing baby sun protection clothing with the highest rated UPF 50+ material is critical.  For Shedo Lane baby UV apparel, we created the softest blend of lightweight fabric with the best sun protection factor possible.  You will L O V E snuggling up with your baby when they are wearing Shedo Lane.  Incredibly soft, incredibly functional, incredibly sun protective .... ok, we admit it, Shedo Lane is just baby INCREDIBLE!


    We know you are going to love dressing your baby in Shedo Lane as much as we lover dressing ours!  Come give it a try and experience the piece of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to keep your baby's sensitive skin protected from the sun's UV rays.  Easy to clean, best sun protection factor possible, and luxuriously soft, Shedo Lane is going to quickly going to become your go-to favorite for sun protection clothes for years to come!  Get your baby protected today .. get Shedo Lane!