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Grab Bag

Each grab bag will come with TWO randomly selected items in the size you select.

Inventory is limited and many sizes will sell out quickly!

Grab Bag Details:

  • SwimZip Grab Bags will contain 2 SwimZip items.  One item equals a top, a bottom, or a set.
  • Bags may, or may not, come with two sets, two bottoms, two tops or a complete outfit. Not every bag will come with a complete and matching outfit or set.
  • No additional discounts (including Perk Points) can be applied
  • Items are randomly added to each grab bag. 

You are guaranteed to get two great products at an amazing deal!

  • NO edits or changes to any order will be made once it is placed.
  • NO returns/exchanges will be accepted.
  • All sales are FINAL