Easy Peasy DIY SwimZip Skeleton Halloween Costume!

Halloween is just around the corner and SwimZip has the perfect twist on the classic Skeleton costume! This DIY Skeleton costume is adorable and more importantly, EASY! Make the process one step easier by ordering the SwimZip Long Sleeve Rash Guard, and you are already halfway done with your DIY Skeleton Costume!

Easy DIY Shark Halloween Costume with SwimZip!

Stumped on what to dress your kiddos as for Halloween this year? SwimZip has you covered! This easy DIY shark costume is complete when paired with the SwimZip board shorts (that even have adorable sharks on them!) Here's what you need to get your LITTLE DIY SHARK SWIMMING! Make sure you read till the bottom of the page...there might be a surprise waiting!

Sun Safe Swimwear for the Entire Family

Some of the best summer memories are pool days spent as a family! And guess what? SwimZip has got your entire family covered (literally) when it comes to sun protection! Lovely Inside Out, an active dermatology family, chose SwimZip for their fun day in the sun!

Beach Days with SwimZip UPF 50+ Sun Protective Swimwear

What's better than a beach day? A beach day wearing SwimZip! With UV protection (UPF 50+), you can enjoy an entire day at the beach without worrying about the harsh sun on your kiddos!  Whether swimming, playing in the sand or even paddle boarding, you can be confident that SwimZip has you covered (literally!) 

Shh...New Girl's UPF 50+ Sun Protected Rashies Coming SOON!

Like SwimZip Girl's Rash Guards? Just wait until you see this adorable NEW Scallop Neck + Laser Cut Rash Guard coming soon at SwimZip! The Scallop Neck and Scallop Swim Bottoms are the perfect touch to this stylish sun protective swimsuit! 

Take a Trip to the Pool with Ease in SwimZip Women's Surf Suit with UPF 50+ Sun Protection - Stripes Print

The Stripes Print is one of our all-time faves at SwimZip…and one of yours too! Lucky for you, the Women’s Surf Suit comes in Stripes to match our little girl’s Surf Suit!  The SwimZip Women’s Surf Suit is a great piece because of it’s modest and full coverage design – I think everyone has experienced those slip-ups with the kids pulling at your swimsuit! With the surf suit, you can be confident that won’t happen!

Match with Your Little in SwimZip's UPF 50+ Sun Safe Surf Suit for Women - Palm Print

SwimZip isn’t just about sun protection for the kiddos, it’s also about sun protection for mommas! The SwimZip Surf Suit for girls is making it’s debut soon for women! As you know, reapplying your sunscreen at the pool can be a hassle when you have little babes to worry about! SwimZip's UPF 50+ sun protection will protect you from the rays, so you can focus more on your kiddos! 

Best Toddler Girl UPF 50+ sun safe swimwear surf suit by SwimZip

Spending even 20 minutes on the beach requires sunscreen. But first we start with protective SPF 50 swimwear for the kids. SwimZip has been a favorite of ours for a few years now. The designs and styles of the swimwear is functional, affordable and so darn cute!

Summer Means It's Time for Mommy & Me Swimsuits!

Everyone loves a good #twinning moment with their mini-me. Especially when you get adorable pictures like these out of it!  April, the lady behind April Was Here, captured these special moments with her daughter, each wearing the SwimZip One-Shoulder + High Waist Bottom Suit!

Easy handmade gift idea for your kids to give Dad on Father's Day!

Looking for an easy and unique gift idea for your kids to give their Dad on Father's Day? We've got you covered! Simply drag our Coupon Book template to your desktop to print it out. Have your kids fill in each coupon with something they think their Dad would enjoy and appreciate! Help them cut along the black dashed line, staple, and their done!

Best Refreshing Summer Blueberry Lavender Cocktail (or make it a Mocktail) for 2018!

We want to share with you our current favorite summer drink! It's so delicious and refreshing. Plus, you can leave out the alcohol and mix up this special treat for your little ones to enjoy on those hot summer days!Our favorite right now is the Blueberry Lavender Mojito!

Melanoma Monday - 7 Tips for SUN SAFETY FOR KIDS

If you haven't met Erin the mastermind behind Sixth Bloom she is one of the sweetest people I have meet!  Not to ment...
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