SwimZip's Beach Bag Essentials

Do you always feel like you are forgetting something when you go to the beach? We get the feeling. So many things to pack in one bag! The things you pack in your beach bag can make or break your beach day! Keep reading to see what we consider to be the beach bag essentials.

Of course before you can pack for the beach, you need a bag to put it in! We love Sea & Grass for the perfect bag! They are large and sturdy enough to fit all of the essentials without sacrificing style. We also love that a portion of proceeds from these bags are donated to educate children in need!

The number one thing to have in your beach bag is sunscreen!! As you know, we are all about sun protection. A sunburnt child makes for a bad ending to a beach day. We particularly like Tubby Todd's mineral sunscreen! It is SPF 50 and perfect for long days in the sun! (Don't forget to reapply). They also have SPF lip balm because lips are sensitive to the sun too!

Don't forget your favorite towel or beach blanket! It is always a good idea to have a dry, clean place to escape the sand while you reapply sunscreen, read a book, or eat a snack. Check out our signature Round Beach Towel for a cute and comfy option.

A staple in any beach bag is snacks! Snacks and water can keep the kids nice and happy for a long day at the beach. Make sure to pack plenty of water bottles and good snacks. We love Bitsy's Brain food! They are a healthy and yummy snack that is also so easy to grab and go!

Last but not least, don't go to the beach without your SwimZip suit and accessories! Toss in your favorite suit, sunglasses, and sun hat for maximum protection! Stick your rash guards in the bag for easy transport to the beach from the car! (Peep a sneak peek at a new print coming soon to SwimZip!)

Thanks for reading friends! We hope you enjoyed a little peak into our beach bag! Did we miss something? Leave a comment at the bottom with your top beach bag essentials!




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