SwimZip Mix and Match

Just because summer is coming to an end does not mean that we are putting our swimsuits away for good. We have vacations to go on, hot tubs to soak in, and adventures to be had! What better time to show you guys how to mix and match our swimwear prints? No need to buy new swimwear at the end of the season. Mixing and matching prints can make your suits feel new again. Keep reading to see how we mix our favorite prints. 

Our 2021 prints were carefully designed for perfect coordinating and matching. When selecting suits to coordinate the family or for your own mixing and matching, choose prints that contain similar colors. For example, our rainbow print contains pops of red and scuba blue, making it very complimentary to our daisy print, geo party print, and seashell print. 

Choose one primary color that you want your prints to coordinate with. For example we have many great pieces in solid red and scuba blue. Both colors pair with our tropical birds print beautifully, but depending on which color you choose determines what other prints you can mix in. Fiesta red allows you to mix in our daisy print which looks amazing with the pops of red in our bird print. Choosing scuba blue as your solid color makes for great mixing with our geo party print. The options are endless, it just takes a little strategic planning 😉


The most important thing to remember: have fun! Choose the prints and colors that make you happy. The best part about mixing and matching swimwear is the creativity. We can't wait to see what fun combinations you come up with, so be sure to tag us in your photos @swimzip. Thanks for reading friends! 

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