SwimZip Discount - How To Earn SwimZip Perks

We love our customers! So we have decided to reward you for sharing how much you love us!
First be sure to create an account with us. Click on the lower left that says "SwimZip Perks"SwimZip Perk Program
Then login to your account
SwimZip Perk Points
Once you are logged in, you should see this screen below:
SwimZip Rewards
Next Click on "REFER FRIENDS" on the left hand side of the pop up box.
You will see a custom link at the bottom of YOUR box. Copy that and you can send it to friends to shop. This link will send them to the SwimZip website, but has YOUR information on it to track your rewards!!

You can also Tweet, Facebooks, and Email directly from this box to your friends! You're done! You've shared shared shared! Now you can start earning SwimZip Cash!

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