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Dr. Kim is the mom of two young children and the owner/founder of The Parentologist, a family and lifestyle blog about everything parenting with a therapeutic twist. She is a Doctor of Psychology, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Play Therapist, a university professor, parenting coach, public speaker, and blogger... so basically she does it all and then some! Dr. Kim provides nationwide parenting coaching, conducts local parenting workshops, and currently works part-time with individuals on the Autism spectrum. Ever since starting her blog she has deemed it a family and lifestyle blog about everything parenting with a therapeutic twist! As a Play Therapist her blog and Instagram are filled with lots of color, fun, education, and play themed content!
One of Dr. Kim's big interests is sun safety! In honor or Skin Cancer Awareness Month during May we are excited to partner with her to bring you some amazing tips on protecting you and your littles from the sun.
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Q: How do you practice sun safety when outdoors?
A: I always have sunscreen in my diaper bag and in my car. And when we go to the park, the beach, the pool, or pretty much anywhere, the sunscreen goes on before we actually get in the sun. If I know me or my children will be in the sun for a prolonged period of time, I try to wear a hat and have my children follow suit. And I always try to have our shoulders covered. I love that my stroller has a UV50 sunshade, too!
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Q: Any tips for other parents on how you practice sun safety with your kids?
A: It's all about routine prevention and early intervention. You have to get in the habit of putting sunscreen on before you reach your destination. If you wait until you get there, most children won't want to sit still long enough for you to put it on and it may become a dreaded power struggle with some tantrums and tears. My favorite sunscreen is THINKBABY sunscreen. I have been using it for my children since my daughter was a baby over 5 years ago. I love how it’s non-toxic, goes on smooth, and works so well! It keeps my babies safe in the sun and that makes me feel secure as a mom! I also suggest starting to wear hats and putting sunscreen on your children early - as babies! The sooner you start the better - they will get used to it and won't mind it as much!
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We hope you'll take Dr. Kim's easy tips and tricks on sun safety and start implementing them with your own kiddos!

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