Kids' Wide Brim Sun Hats - Glad we found you and you found us!

I'm so glad we found you and you found us!  Looks like we had a lot in common if you're looking into UPF 50+ wide brim sun hats!

So, let me introduce myself!  I'm Betsy Johnson and I started SwimZip out of passion - having skin cancer at 26 scared the poop out of me!  I was young, trying to climb the corporate ladder, and falling for the love of my life.  

What I thought was a pretty awful zit turned out to be skin cancer.  

So, my love for sun protection is strong.  In May I challenge everyone to WEAR A SUN HAT FOR 31 days!  Make it a habit!  

Our kids sun hats are amazing (if I should say so myself).  The features are everything I crave to have for my 3 young boys and here they are!

- UPF 50+ Protection
- Sturdy Wide Brim (so it won't flop around!)
- Adjustable Head Size (these kids grow fast and I don't have time to buy them all the time)
- Last through multiple kids (if you have kids who can ruin clothes quickly you understand my pain!)
-Side vents so they're ultra cooling!
- Adjustable Chin Strap so they will not blow off (we have lost a few hats while boating!)
And so much more!  


Kid Wide Brim Sun Hat White UPF 50+ sun protection for kids

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