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Posted on January 15 2016

Every summer I start looking around for the perfect fitting swimwear - one that

I don't look too much like an old lady

I don't look too much like a teenager

I don't look too much like a boy mom

I don't look too out of fashion

I am able to run around with my kids

and that I feel comfortable in


Is that too much to ask for.  The perfect swimsuit just for me.  Well, I still go searching every year and just can't seem to find that perfect fit.  But SwimZip offers amazing cover ups to toss over that Perfect Swimsuit you found for the summer to offer amazing sun protection, and just a little extra coverage while you are trying to keep up with your kids at the pool or beach!


UV Swimsuit Women

Here you will find SwimZip UV Essential Beach Cover Up for women.  It offers UPF 50+ protection for your skin, but also the sides you can make any length so you can make it shorter, or longer depending on what you're looking for.  The thumb holes are great to keep your sleeves down while in the water, and the fabric dries extremely quickly!


Here is what it looks like in action!


UV Swimwear


Womens UV Swimwear




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