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    End of Summer Video Contest Voting

    We received so many amazing videos the past couple of weeks! It brings us so much happiness to see your families rockin' SwimZip this summer.

    It was so hard to pick between them all, but we have our our top 10 video entries! Voting starts TODAY and runs through September 25th at midnight CDT.

    You can vote by visiting our Instagram post and commenting the number of the video that you think best shows off the joy of summer + SwimZip.

    • Please just include a single number for the video you are voting for in your comment (ex. "1"). If you'd like to vote for multiple, please leave separate comments.
    • Only one vote per profile per video will be counted. So go ahead and vote for all 10, but just vote once per video please.

    Whichever video is mentioned in the comments the most will win our grand prize $100 Amazon or Visa gift card!


    View this post on Instagram

    THE POLLS ARE OPEN AND WE NEED YOU TO VOTE! We've selected the top 10 entries from our 🎥End of Summer Video Contest🎥 and now we need your help voting! Scroll through all 10 entries (and prepare yourself for all the cuteness) then comment below with the number that corresponds to your favorite video! ⁠Only one vote per user will be counted. But feel free to vote for more than one! ⁠ Voting ends September 25th at midnight CST. The 🥇first place winner will receive $100 Amazon or Visa Gift Card. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video! We loved seeing all of your entires and thank you for all of your support. 💓⁠ ⁠ #swimzip #swimzipsavesyourskin #videocontest #documentyourdays #candidchildhood #cameramama #memories #neverendingsummer

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    Celebrating Diversity Blog Series - Everett!

    Celebrating Diversity Blog Series - Everett!

    This week on our blog we are excited to introduce you to the Dorothy's: Fredric (dad), Crystal (mom), Everett & Finn. Everett is our special man of the hour for this edition of our mini blog series about Diversity! He was diagnosed with autism and sensory processing disorder between the ages of 3 and 4. What does this mean? It means that on any given day Fredric and Crystal are constantly working on ways to ensure Everett doesn't experience sensory overload. 
    For some children on the spectrum, when overloaded, they start to retreat and hide away. Everett however, gets loud and violent. Despite all of this, Everett and his younger brother Finn bring their parents immense joy and laughter! Everett's milestones look a bit different than other kids but Fredric and Crystal have learned to celebrate each accomplishment! Now, at almost 5, he tells them crazy stories, runs and jumps on everything, and has come so far, in so many ways. He loves DANCING DUDES! (aka inflatable tube men), Legos, building things, watching cartoons, swimming, playing instruments, and playing outside. 
    One of the reasons the Dorothy's love SwimZip is that it makes it easy for Everett to dress and undress. The zippers are easy to use for little hands and it gives Everett a sense of accomplishment and pride. The other main reason they use SwimZip is the SPF protection! Everett frequently protests the application of sunscreen due to how it feels on his skin, so they often rely on SwimZip to help protect him and Finn while outside. Among some of their favorite SwimZip suits are our Tie Dye Swim Trunk Set, any of our Long Sleeve Rash Guards, and our Sunhats, which Crystal says are "hands down seriously fantastic!". 
    I asked Crystal what it's like being a parent to a child with special needs and any advice she has for other parents. This is what she said:
    "Being a mother to a child on the spectrum, is tricky. It's so hard to not compare him to his peers or worry about his future constantly. I'm constantly advocating for Everett and his future. I'm fairly lucky though, I have a strong support network and friends who work with their children to understand Everett's differences. I offhandedly made a comment to a friend the other day about how kids seem to always run from Everett or make him the "bad guy" in their games. I told her how I worry that Everett's starting to think that he's actually bad because of this. She immediately called her kid over and made sure to explain that both he and Everett were good superheroes and that they needed to work like a team to battle injustice. It's little things like this that I wish more parents would teach their neurotypical children. There is so much fear and alienation around children who don't fit into society's standards of "normalcy" that it makes it hard for kids on the spectrum to be treated like everyone else. I'd love to see more parents teaching acceptance and patience for kiddos that might be different than them."
    Head over to the Dorothy's Instagram and give them some love!

    Celebrating Diversity Blog Series - Caroline!

    Celebrating Diversity Blog Series - Caroline!

    Here at SwimZip, we believe in inclusivity and celebrating diversity because everyone's differences are what makes this world beautiful! As a skin cancer survivor I understand the importance of having a community of loving people surround you and how far a little compassion and encouragement can go from a friend, a family member, or even a stranger!
     This month we are sharing a mini blog series about some of our most favorite little SwimZip lovers, all with something special and unique about them! Today we'd love for you to meet Caroline and her amazing family! 

    Say hello to the Osterhaus Family: Brad, Jenny & 8-year old Caroline. They live in central Florida, love being on the go, and any activity related to water! Caroline has a rare gene mutation called NAA10. She is one of about 40 identified cases in the entire world. NAA10 affects all aspects of her life: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, intellectual abilities, speech, vision, sensory systems, growth, hormones, and the body’s ability to process food and nutrients properly.  Most children with the diagnosis have some type of seizures; Caroline has seizures multiple times per day which have been resistant to medical, surgical and alternative intervention. 

    Even with all of these challenges, Caroline continues to progress and participates in as many activities as a typical child would, just in her own way! Caroline takes swim lessons, adaptive dance, and adaptive ice skating. In between all of that she rotates between 8 different medical specialists and squeezes in trips to Disney, local parks, and splash pads. 

    I am so glad they found SwimZip to protect Caroline and themselves from the sun's harmful rays so they can enjoy all the outdoor activities they love, all while being protected! Not only does the UPF 50+ protection play an important part in why Jenny and Brad love SwimZip, they also love the zipper featured on all of our rash guards! Caroline takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes to transition from the car to any destination. As you can imagine, changing into and out of a swimsuit can be cumbersome and time consuming. Having the zipper makes it so much easier for them to zip the rash guard on and off without the stress of pulling a wet rash guard up over Caroline's head which makes transitioning to the next activity that much easier for everyone! 

    It’s important to have functional & adaptive clothing options that don’t make kids with different abilities stand out. The fact that “fashion” can be a common ground among kids makes this an important feature about SwimZip! Some of Caroline's favorite suits include our Tie Dye Tankini Set, Palm Surf Suit, and Palm Leaf 2 Piece Set!

    I asked Jenny for any recommendations she has for other parents of children with special needs. Here's what she had to say! "Get yourself out there and find enjoyment in the day-to-day. There have been many times where it would have been easy for us to shelter Caroline from outside and social settings because it is a lot of effort, but it has been so worth it. Our family cares a lot about inclusive play and making playgrounds more accessible for all. So much so, that we have started our own non-profit. The Playhaus Project will help raise funds to help with this initiative. Make your child part of this typical world, it helps all of us as a community to learn from and support each other!" 

    End of Summer Video Contest!

    End of Summer Video Contest!

    Submit a video of you and/or your family in your SwimZip gear for a chance to win big!
    -Everyone who enters and meets all the video requirements gets a 25% off site-wide discount code!
    -We will pick the top ten entries to win $30 SwimZip credit!
    -YOU will vote for our grand prize winner over on our Instagram! The top place winner will receive a $100 Amazon or Visa Gift Card!
    -Submit a fun video at least 15 seconds long (longer videos are appreciated!) that shows you and/or your family in action in your SwimZip or includes a testimonial about why you love SwimZip!
    -Everyone featured in the video must be wearing SwimZip!
    -Videos can be shot vertically or horizontally!
    -Multiple entries are welcome!
    * By submitting your video you agree that SwimZip has the rights to use it for promotional/marketing material. *
    Have fun with it and we can't wait to see what you come up with! 
    Contest ends September 15th at midnight CST. 
    Make sure to read #2 below! DropBox doesn't actually share the email address field so you'll need to work around it for us to contact the winners!
    (if you have any issues submitting through this link please try emailing your videos to hello@swimzip.com with the title "Video Contest Entry")
    1. Click the link above then select "Choose File". Select your file from your phone or computer. 
    2. Enter your name in the "First name" field and email address in the "Last name" field so we can contact you when the contest is over! (Sorry DropBox is weird about the email!)
    Then hit "Upload"! That's it! You're entered to win!