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Article: Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Summer Activities

Hey friends! Summer is just around the corner and we know how hard it can be to keep the kids entertained while out of school. We have compiled a list of some fun summer activities for kids of all ages! Keep reading to see some of our favorite and engaging summer activities!

Quick and Easy Summer Activities

This list includes activities with no set up or clean up for a fun and easy activity!

Visit the Library

Visit the park

Go for a bike ride

Play hot and cold

Take a trail walk

Write a short story

Reading time

Go for a bike ride




Water Activities

Looking for some fun ways to cool off this summer? Take a look at this list!

Run through the sprinklers

Have a water balloon fight

Make sponge water bombs (blog post to follow!)

Set up a slip and slide

Fill a kitty pool with bubbles

Have a bubbly car wash

Have a pool day


Outdoor Activities

Are you looking to get your kids outside this summer? Try out these fun ideas!

Bowling in the backyard

Have a picnic

Campout in the backyard

Color nature scavenger hunt (blog post coming soon!)

Create a chalk relay race

Create nature art

Draw a chalk maze for toy cars, scooters, bikes, etc.

Make chalk ice and draw a mural (blog post coming soon)

Sponge target toss with chalk targets

Frisbee tic tac toe (blog post to follow)


Interactive and Engaging Activities

Looking for activities to engage your children while out of school? Are you wanting to get them interacting with others in a positive way? Read on!

Keep a journal of all of the activities you do every day. Include your favorite part of the day and what you are most grateful for.

Have a board game tournament

Think of something nice you can do for your parents and then do it

Have a tea party

Do a sink or float experiment

Build a lego kingdom

Think of something nice you can do for your friend and then do it

Do a sponge boat sailing experiment (blog post to come)

Write a play and perform it


 We hope you enjoyed these summer activities. We will be releasing more blog posts throughout the summer with specific ideas and instructions for summer fun, so keep your eyes peeled!

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