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Article: Melanoma Monday - 7 Tips for SUN SAFETY FOR KIDS

Melanoma Monday - 7 Tips for SUN SAFETY FOR KIDS

Melanoma Monday - 7 Tips for SUN SAFETY FOR KIDS

If you haven't met Erin the mastermind behind Sixth Bloom she is one of the sweetest people I have meet!  Not to mention one of the smartest with all of her sun safety tips she has shared!  You can check all of her tips out - but here is a sneak peek at a few of hers and a few of my favorite!

 SwimZip Best Toddler Swimwear

  1. Wear Swimsuits that Protect. I love love love the long sleeve zip rash guards that Swim ZipSwim Zip suits provide UPF 50+ SPF UV Protection and come in so many adorable patterns you’ll not be able to order just one for your littles!  PS moms they have an adorable line for you too!!!  hint- hint.
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Wear a sun hat
  4. Wear sunglasses
  5. Seek Shade
  6. Drink Water
  7. Reapply sunscreen!

Toddler UPF Swimwear 

Thanks Erin for all these amazing photos - check out her blog post here

7 tips for taking toddlers to the beach

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