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Article: How SwimZip Swimwear Helps Children with Disabilities

How SwimZip Swimwear Helps Children with Disabilities

How SwimZip Swimwear Helps Children with Disabilities

One of our biggest goals here at SwimZip is to create products that work for all shapes, sizes, and abilities. At our photoshoot in Florida this February we had the chance to talk to a few parents of children with disabilities. We wanted to share a little bit about them and their experiences with SwimZip suits.

Meet Abagail!

Abby was born with a rare brain malformation called Polymicrogyria, or PMG for short. Because of her brain malformation, Abby relies solely on a feeding tube for all of her nutrients. Nicole, Abby's mom, said that finding swimsuits that don't rub or pull o her feeding tube is a struggle! SwimZip suits "allow her to wear a two-piece that is her correct size without irritating her feeding tube, which makes her and I so happy!"  Although Abby looks just like any other kid, she has to deal with a few things that other kids don't: Abby is small for her age and is also dependent on diapers.  Nicole says that shopping for swimsuits in her size is difficult because they are not meant for diapers. They usually have to size up and then the suit is too big. One thing they have found with SwimZip is that "she can still wear her diaper and bottoms and you can't even see the diaper!!!" Being able to help Abagail to "have her dignity intact" is one of the best things that we could ever hear! ♥️

Along with PMG, Abby has been diagnosed with urticaria, which is a rare allergy to the sun. Because our suits are made with the best UPF 50+ material, Abby and Nicole have found the perfect suit for their outdoor time! They love our sunsuit because it has full coverage and is not "overly tight, snug, or heavy" like other full body suits. We love helping Abby be safe and adorable!

Meet Silas!

Silas was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy as an infant. This condition means that he has an issue in parts of his brain that control motor function. Though there are many types of cerebral palsy, Silas has the kind that causes him to have a mixture of both stiff and weak muscles throughout his body. Silas's mom Tamara talked to us about some of the challenges she and Silas face when it comes to swimwear. The spasticity (or stiff muscles) in Silas's arms and legs make it really difficult to put traditional rash guards on. When Silas is wet/cold, "his muscles tighten even more" making the removal process "a workout for both of us!" Tamara could not believe how easy it was to put SwimZip rash guards on Silas! She love the full-length zipper, saying it was "a game changer for kids with muscle tone issues!" 

Talking to Tamara, she told us that she loves that SwimZip makes inclusivity a priority. She says that "it's really important for kids (especially those with special needs) to see people like them represented in society. It reminds them that they are seen and valued." After being at our photo shoot and seeing our swimsuits on other women, Tamara said she even wants to wear SwimZip herself! "As a special needs mom, I rarely have time to focus on myself. After seeing SwimZip's styles for women, (on REAL bodies), I actually want one for myself!" 

Silas and Abagail are only two kids in a whole community of people with special needs. We loved being able to talk to their moms, Tamara and Nicole to find out what struggles they have had in the past with swimwear and how we have been able to help alleviate some of those struggles. We had so much fun working with Silas and Abby, they were both so happy and fun to be around. We also learned so much from them. We are always learning and growing, so if you or someone you know has a great experience with SwimZip, please reach out! We would love to hear about it.



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