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Article: Teen Rash Guard Swimwear - Tween Fashion

Teen Rash Guard Swimwear - Tween Fashion

Tween rash guard swimwear can be found at SwimZip! Our girl rashguard swimsuits offer easy all day SPF 50+ sun protection and a fun look tweens love!

Not having girls, but loving fashion as a teenager. I have worked hard to create the best fitting and quality swimwear for teens out there. With the option between tankini and bikini - along with short sleeve and long sleeve rash guard - we hope that we can reach all the teens looking to make a huge splash. SwimZip offers sf 50+ protection from areas that get major sun exposure like shoulders and black so we can keep our stylish tweens in style and sunburn free.

With SwimZip, rash guard swimwear for tweens can provide both the sun protection girls need and stay in fashion.

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