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Article: Pancake and Pajama Birthday Party!

Pancake and Pajama Birthday Party!

Having a birthday party for a kid these days seems like a lot of work!  SO, I have a super fun and easy way to make an impression, but not breaking the bank - Pancake and Pajama Birthday Party.

We started our party at 9AM at a park.  We started with giving all the kids crowns to wear (I just wrote their name on them with Sharpe or Chalk Paint) and I also took some string, and bought a box of Fruit Loops and made some fun breakfast necklaces!

We ordered in some pancakes from a local grocery store and picked them up that morning, and I picked up some donut holes from Dunkin Donuts the night before and made this DONUT CAKE.  It was super easy, I ran to Michael's and got a cone styrofoam tower, and used tooth picks to make them stick!  Success.  I used metal chop sticks I have at home and cut some 1.5 inch 'banner' and put a letter for his first name on each one.  It was cute little bunting for a little extra flare.

I made little cups that had sprinkles on them.  Sprinkle Rim Cups!  Super easy and the kids loved them.  I love to bake, so I had some baking chocolate at home I warmed up, dipped the rim of the cups in them, and then had a plate with sprinkles and dipped the warm chlorate cup in there and PRESTO - Chocolate Rim Sprinkle Cups - the kids LOVED them!  I served mine with white milk (I figured with the fruit loops, donuts, pancakes, syrup, etc - the parents would thank me for no extra sugar).

The kids loved the cake!  I put it in the middle and all the kids could go and pick their own donuts off the cake!  It made it fun and the kids all gathered around and dug in!  So Fun!

Also, they kids played for a few hours at the park to burn off some of the sugar!  It was so fun to see them all in their pajamas running around!  

So, let me know if you have any questions about how to toss a super EASY and FUN Pancake and Pajama Birthday Party!

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