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Article: Pregnant Must Have Swimwear

Pregnant Must Have Swimwear

Last summer I was 7 months pregnant and was extremely busy with my 2 year old running around outside, and at the pool. Kansas summers can get hot (I'm talking 100 degrees and pregnant hot), and I knew I wanted something that I could use while I was pregnant and also post pregnancy. If you're pregnant and busy chasing after older kids, you might think about getting SwimZip's Must Have Pregnant Swimwear: Short Sleeve Rash Guards, Long Sleeve Rash Guards, Swim Cover Up, and Swim Dress. We also offer Rash Guards for Plus Sizes. All of these offer UPF 50+ protection. Below you will see SwimZip Black Essential Swim Dress - this is an essential for any trip to the beach. Our material is a nylon / lycra blend that is extremely soft. These are perfect to toss on over your favorite one piece, or bikini. It adds a lot of sun protection and you will not lose the fashion.

The Essential Swim Dress has a great zipper so you can wear it just who you want, and also two ruches on the side so you can synch it up as short as you want or let it loose. These are made to fit everyBODY! Enjoy babes!

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