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Article: Round Beach Towels by SwimZip - A Huge Product Launch!

Round Beach Towels by SwimZip - A Huge Product Launch!

Introducing … SwimZip! Round Beach Towels!

We've been working on these for so long, launching today is a bit surreal.
Today we are launching round beach towels, with three different designs. Our Circle Towels by SwimZip will be available for starting TODAY, yay!!

Our circle towels are made of plush, soft, cotton with fun tassels lining the towel.

We can't get enough of them. Our team has been "product testing" these for a few weeks now and I have to say we are all hooked on these round towels! They are large and roomie for the whole crew...

Or...maybe just for you. :)

We can't wait to see your #SwimZipCircle Beach photos this summer!

Be sure to tag us in all of your SwimZip adventures.

Visiting our Facebook page:

Good luck!! xoxo

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