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Article: Long Sleeve Baby Sunsuits for Best Sun Protection

Long Sleeve Baby Sunsuits for Best Sun Protection

Long sleeve baby sunsuits are the best choice when it comes to babies and sun sensitive skin. Baby sunsuit long sleeve swimsuits, like those from award winning SwimZip sun protection swimwear, give infants the most sun coverage. The long sleeves mean that the whole arms get covered - not just the top half. Plus, getting a one piece rash guard that has full leg coverage means that almost the whole body below the neck is protected from the sun's cancer causing UVA and UVB rays.

Getting SwimZip's long sleeve baby sunsuit is a great way to staying sun safe at the beach or pool.[/caption] Be sure to choose long sleeve baby sunsuits with SPF 50+ sun protection (UPF is the same as SPF - but for clothing). Also, a baby sunsuit romper with a full length zipper means the sunsuit will be much easier to put-on and take-off … this is especially important with all the diaper changing! :-) The beach and pool are particularly UV intense environments with the sun's rays bouncing off the water and sand. Getting a baby rash guard swimsuit one piece means helping your favorite newborn get the most protection possible. Be sure to add a SwimZip sun hat to help keep the face sun protected too! Long sleeve baby sunsuits make a great choice for parents looking to keep their baby sun safe!

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