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Toddler Wide Brim "Fun Sun Day Play Hat" - UPF 50+ UV Protection Best Sun Hat

$ 9.99


SwimZip's "Fun Sun Day Play Hat" is the perfect sun hat for toddlers.  The wide brim and sun protective material help keep the head, face, and neck protected from the sun's UV rays.  Created with SPF 50+ sun protection material, these cute hats will keep your precious little one sun safe (and picture perfect!) all day long.  Our "Fun Sun Day Play" hats feature and adjustable tightener around the head for easy size adjustments and a chin strap to keep the hat on for the breezy beach days!  Please note, our adjustable chin straps DO also feature a breakaway "no choke" clip to help prevent accidents and keep your toddler safe.  We have also added venting along the side of the hat to help keep toddler heads cool.  Plus the wide brim and specially made UPF 50+ fabric block over 98% of UVA and UVB rays.


  • Made with highest rated UPF 50+ UV sun protection fabric
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Side venting to help keep heads cool
  • "No choke" chin strap clip for safety
  • Wide brim


** SwimZip is proud to offer the very best toddler wide brim sun hats at the best price.  These are extremely high quality hats.  We have priced them low because we are committed to making sure every toddler starts out with the best possible sun protection.  100% SwimZip® satisfaction guarantee. **

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