Girl Long Sleeve Orange Sunsuit with UPF Sun Protection | SwimZip® UPF 50+ Sun Protective Swimwear & UV Zipper Rash Guards


Girl Long Sleeve Romper with UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection - "Hotel California"

$ 32.99


Your beach babe will answer the call of the sun, the sand, and the water in SwimZip's Hotel California print long sleeve romper with SPF 50+ sun protection. Our one-piece sunsuit in shades of coral, aqua, and light yellow will be perfect for a day of fun in the sun at the beach or the pool. Rest assured that girl will be effortlessly protected by our UPF 50+  UV coverage.

SwimZip's sunsuits are made for fun in the sun. Protecting baby from the sun starts day one, and wrapping your baby up in something that is comfortable and sun protective is our number one goal. Our full-zip one piece swimsuit for babies and toddlers offer superior sun protection while making diaper changing a breeze because it's easy to zip right off. All SwimZip swimwear styles with SPF 50+ (called UPF 50+ for fabrics) provide UV Protection blocking 98% UVA & UVB rays.
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