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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Loved at first but not so happy anymore

    My daughter and I loved it at first but she has worn the rashguard maybe 6 times and the white parts/lines have become yellowish (see pic below used white tissue to compare). Also the bottoms have frazzled and again only worn a handful of times.

    Not worth the money

    Sand in shorts - not satisified

    Great swimsuit!

    We purchased a size 4 for our 3 year old. It’s a bit big but still fits nicely. Great swimsuit!


    Girl Long Sleeve Rash Guard Shorts Set with Tankini (3 Pieces) UPF 50+ | "Peachy Stripes"

    Little Girl Three Piece Tankini Set

    Saw Swim Zip on Shark Tank and fell in love! I’m a cancer researcher and UV exposure + skin = cancer is REAL! The earlier in age exposure occurs, the higher the risk of skin cancer and I do EVERYHING possible to protect my 3 year old. The zip concept for a rashguard versus pulling it on and off over your little one's head was/is phenomenal! Easier and more pleasant for everyone. We’ve loved the combo we ordered and chose well going with a 5T for my oversized 3-year- old but we have, unfortunately, run into a couple issues. Most significantly, 1) the zipper of the rashguard, once zipped, began to separate at the bottom of the rash guard. This is to say, it would be zipped to the top but would start unzipping at the bottom (as if to form an upside down “Y”). It simply seems the connection of the two edges of the zipper are just not forming a correct or secure interaction so it simply begins to separate. It is not at all snug on my daughter, so it’s not as if it is being pushed or stretched. The other issue 2) is that, perhaps as a curious 3-year-old, my duaghter pulled the string out of the waistline of the shorts. I know I could take the time to feed it back in but I wonder if future manufacturing could address this in such a way that the string was tethered at some point in the shorts so it could not completley be pulled out or perhaps a velcro type of contraption for tighteing considered. Fortunately, the shorts fit my girl wthout tightening the string so they are still functional. If anything can be done regardintg the zipper issue on the rash guard (e.g. returned and exchanged) or other, it would be greatly appreciated. Still in love with the primary concern of Swim Zip for Sun Safety, especially with a focus on our little ones, and on the ease and functionality of the zip-up rash guards. Thanks Swim Zip!