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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Best sunglasses for toddlers!

    We absolutely love our swim zip sunnies! Living in Florida, they get a ton of wear. And having a toddler means they are twisted, sat on, thrown out of moving vehicles, you name it. These sunnies have held up great for more than a year! They are a comfy but snug fit on my child. We own a pair in every color!

    Best baby clothing for the summer!

    I absolutely love my Swim Zip stuff!! I got the long sleeve rash guard and shorts (plus sun hat and sunglasses) for my son and the matching shorts for my husband. My son can play around in the sun and I don’t have to worry about him burning! It’s such a relief to know he’s protected from the sun. I also just love the matching look between father and son, it’s beyond adorable and they both look so stylish!

    Thank you Swim Zip, for keeping us protected while we have our family fun in the sun!!

    The Steinmayr Family