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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Entirely too small

    We ordered an adult “large” fun sun day hat, and it was too small to fit on my teen’s average size head. Oddly, the label inside indicated “adult,” but the tag displayed pictures of toddlers, so that is a bit unexpected. However, to be fair and give the product an overall review, I must compliment the company on the well constructed hat. The material looks as though it would do a great job protecting one’s head.

    Because I was not able to return it within the company’s timeframe, I opted to keep the hat and send it to a cancer patient who has lost her hair.

    Too small for adults

    The hat fits around my head just fine, but the brim is too small! I thought the brim would be wider, but it's cut the same as the 2-8y hat, AND the 6-24m hat. I barely got any coverage at the water park. The brim needs to be at LEAST 3 inches wider.

    Way too small - Adult Large fits my 4 year old.

    Review title says it all. Great hat, but there's no way this is an Adult size.

    comfortable and light weight

    Breathable fabric, very comfortable to wear all day (Beach, Amusement Park) I just wish the rim was a tiny bit bigger for more shade. I was most comfortable wearing this hat with sunglasses as my eyes are sensitive to sunlight.
    Think is the first hat I’ve ever been able to wear all day at 90 degrees and still be comfortable. Would purchase again.

    Nice hat but too small.

    These are nice hats but the "adult" size is more like a large kid size. I have an average size male head and this hat is way too small. Just barely fits my wife's head. They need to work on their sizing!