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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    Baby Hat with Neck Flap | Best Sun Hat for Baby with Adjustable Tightener UPF 50+

    Great but a little big

    I bought this suit for my 3 month old, and I love the design with the full length zipper, which makes it easier to get on and off when wet. However, the 0-6 month size is too big for him and the zipper and fabric tend to bunch up at his chin. He weighs about 13 lb currently. The sun hat works well, and is more adjustable than I thought it would be.

    Love it!

    I was searching for a full body swim suit to keep my little baby’s new skin protected from the sun while we’re at the beach. I wanted something that also fit well, and looked cute. This suit met all my expectations. It is so cute! And fits great! My boy is two months old and this suit will fit him all summer. The design and quality is exceptional. I love that it zips all the way up so that changing is a breeze.

    Good for Kids who will keep a hat on

    The hat works exactly as described. The only problem that I run into is that my toddler won’t keep the hat on. If you have an uncooperative toddler you may need to purchase one with a chin strap.

    Cute and comfortable ...and protects my little Casper

    My husband and I made the Powder of babies. His porcelain skin + today’s nasty harsh sun = a recipe for skin cancer or deep wrinkles later in life. Loving his cute sun hat. And even though he can’t tell me it’s comfortable, he doesn’t try to rip it off...so I know he likes it. It fits securely, has a nice pull strap to ensure a snug seat on his see-through colored hair dome. And even has a little Velcro strap for under his chin. He wiped his grubby little hands on the top of it after eating his lunch. It wiped clean with almost no effort. It’s a keeper! And it goes perfectly with his white zip up sun shirt.