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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    comfortable and light weight

    Breathable fabric, very comfortable to wear all day (Beach, Amusement Park) I just wish the rim was a tiny bit bigger for more shade. I was most comfortable wearing this hat with sunglasses as my eyes are sensitive to sunlight.
    Think is the first hat I’ve ever been able to wear all day at 90 degrees and still be comfortable. Would purchase again.

    Nice hat but too small.

    These are nice hats but the "adult" size is more like a large kid size. I have an average size male head and this hat is way too small. Just barely fits my wife's head. They need to work on their sizing!

    Great hat, but too small

    I bought this adult size hat for myself but ended up giving it to my 6 year old daughter. It was way too tight on my head but fits her well. I still gave it 3 stars because it is a great hat. Blocks the sun well and doesn’t get floppy when wet. Bummed that I can’t use it though.

    My absolute favorite hat!

    We got one for our son because it fit so perfect with its adjustable strap under and around the hat and lasted so long, that my husband asked for one himself! It’s absolutely perfect for the sun and water.

    Love the hats for kids but not adults

    I absolutely loved the kid version of the Sun hats, but was disappointed with the adult Sun hats. The hat has the same size brim as the kid sizes, which doesn't cover enough and it ran small. I really wanted the hat for my dad to protect is bald head, but it was way too small.