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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Great quality.

    Products are great quality and exactly what they I’ve been looking for. The swimwear is a little big on my two year old but I hope that means I can get longer wear out of it.


    Kids Wide Brim "Fun Sun Day Play Hat" - UPF 50 UV Sun Protective (Warm Colors)

    Almost perfect sun hat!

    I purchased two hats for my granddaughters, age 5 and 7. The hats worked well and the brims are large, so their entire face and neck is covered. I love the straps because I can put it tight enough that the hat doesn't fly off, but it has a safety feature to breakaway if necessary. Hat dried fairly quickly after getting wet in the lake and held its shape. Might do the same after a run through the washer on a gentle cycle. Four stars due to the hats silly white headband, I wish I had the option to post a photo so I could show what it does. It is hard to keep the hat in place so that the white headband doesn't hang down and look so silly. Maybe the headband should be made from the same color fabric as the hat, or tacked in place so it doesn't slip down. Ordering and delivery went very well. Happy to say that I saw this product on Shark Tank.

    Love this hat!!!

    We live in FL and this has been the best sun hat I have ever purchased for my kids! No droopy brim, super light weight and the chin strap is so awesome! Thanks for creating an awesome product. I share it with all of my friends :-)

    Kids Hats are THE BEST

    I tell all my friends to buy these hats for their kids, and they all do!! Our last hats made it two years before one of the straps broke. We live close to the beach in San Diego so pretty much these hats were worn almost daily for months at a time. These hats are SO well made, super durable, and somehow do not flop in my kids eyes at all. I love that the chin strap keeps it on so my little ones can't pull it off, and it has the safety catch, also. Plus, these hats are so well priced for the quality! I mean, I just repurchased these hats after two years of use......so there you go!