Mens Rash Guard Long Sleeve Loose fit Swim Shirt - "Cannonball King" Black

Mens Rash Guard Long Sleeve Loose fit Swim Shirt - "Cannonball King" Black

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"Cannonball!" SwimZip "Cannonball King" rash guard mens long sleeve swim shirt with UV protection is perfect for making waves at the beach or pool! With SPF 50+ sun protection blocking 98% of UVA and UVB rays, the "Cannonball King" is simple to toss on for easy all day sun protection and pairs well with those favorite swim trunks. SwimZip's signature full length zipper swim shirt makes putting-on and taking-off this rashguard incredibly easy. Whether a triple back flip off the top of the platform is your best dive or just a super soaking belly flop, SwimZip's "Cannonball King" rash guard swim shirt is the best choice for comfortable, all day sun protection!

Includes thumb holes to keep sleeves in place when swimming and a zipper flap to prevent chafing.

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You’d think long sleeve zippered rash tops would be easy to find in Australia but they’re rare as rocking horse poop. This one is perfect.


Best ever sun shirt


Mens Rash Guard Long Sleeve Loose fit Swim Shirt - "Cannonball King" Black

Needs More Wicking & Cooling properties

Hi ,
I really like the garment ... Very nice styling and looks great ...
Easy to put on and take off so very convenient...
My only disappointment is that the garment is not as
Cool , or Breathable and Wicking as some other UPF garments I own ... I live in almost desert heat weather here in Dallas and this Rash Guard gets
A little hot at times ( does not seem to breathe or wick away the warmth ... )
The other comment I would make is that this garment is described as “Loose Fit” ... , but it is actually not very loose at all ( it is more fitted than loose ... ), I normally wear size large when buying all my shirts and jackets etc. , but the Size large I received is a bit fitted and tighter and more body hugging than the normal Large fit I get in other garments ( I would recommend that you remove the
“Loose” wording in the descriptions, since it will
Disappoint and surprise people who wanted a loose and relaxed fit ... )

As a matter of fact I purchased a few more Rash Guards since then but need to exchange a few of them due to the tight fits ( not loose or relaxed) ... Can you please let me know what is the procedure to send some of them back to exchange for some larger sized ones ... ?
Thank you

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