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    Sun Protection Kids Swimwear andTrying to Help Stop Skin Cancer

    I look into skin cancer a lot – after my diagnosis and my kids swimwear business, I really have to stay on top of it!  Skin cancer is scary, and today I wanted to jump on our kids swimwear blog to let you know something ... Most people don’t realize that more than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed each year or that the incidence of melanoma in teenagers has increased by 100% over the past 10 years.   Did you hear that!?!  MELANOMA IN OUR TEENAGERS HAS INCREASED BY 100% in 10 years!  How scary.  :(   Swimsuit time around the pool or beach can be a particularly intense UV time because all the sun’s rays are bouncing around off of the water or sand.  Getting your kids and children to wear sun protection kids swimwear is there for extremely important!  We strongly preach … “No hat, no sun shirt, no play!”   I founded SwimZip sun protection kids swimwear with my brother, Berry, because we truly want to help turn these skin cancer statistics around.  Our with our sun protection, UPF 50+ UV protection swimwear is a simple and adorable way to help keep kids sun safe.  Having found skin cancer on my back, and having the doctor question if it we should really test it, I know it can be hard to get people to listen.  But I am listening!  I am here to help you and your little babes stay UV sun safe.   Did you know that 95% of skin cancers are preventable!  SwimZip is on a mission to develop awareness of UV protection kids swimwear and how easy it can be!  Thank you for joining us on our journey to grow the sun protection kids swimwear industry...   Thank you, Betsy [caption id="attachment_64" align="aligncenter" width="625"]kids swimwear with sun protection SwimZip offers the best sun protection kids swimwear with UPF 50+ UV protection.[/caption]

    Free Giveaway - UV Beach Cover-Ups and Swimsuit Cover-Ups from Shark Tank

    SwimZip was so honored to be on Shark Tank that we are doing a free giveaway of our UV beach cover-ups!  We had such a blast working with the producers and crew ... but meeting all you wonderful new customers was the best.
    We are doing an awesome swimsuit cover up giveaway today - win a UPF 50+ Sun Protective Cover Up for your little one!
    You can find the beach cover up giveaway on our Facebook page.
    Check out our UV 50+ beach cover-ups that are perfect for the pool, beach, front yard, and even park!  They are a blast to wear and are extremely comfortable.
    [caption id="attachment_55" align="aligncenter" width="617"]swimsuit cover-ups SwimZip offers the best swimsuit cover-ups! All of our coverups have UPF 50+ sun protection and SwimZip's signature full length zipper.[/caption]
    SwimZip offers the best UPF 50+ beach cover-ups and UPF 50+ swimsuit cover ups!  Because UV rays bounce off the water and sand, getting kids extra protection from the sun while playing around the pool or beach is a must!
    [caption id="attachment_56" align="aligncenter" width="625"]beach cover-ups SwimZip has the best beach cover ups! Fantastic UPF 50+ sun protection and super cozy comfy![/caption]    

    Summer Camp Shirts with UPF 50+ Sun Protection

    Summer camp shirts with UPF 50+ sun protection are becoming a must for summer camps.  With all the time that kids are spending out in the UV rays, it just makes sense for summer camps to utilize sun protective clothing to help keep their kids sun safe! Summer is just around the corner, and who isn't ready to enjoy the beautiful sun shine?  We can all expect that the children are more than ready to enjoy the outdoors and sun shine as well. And with these warmer months quickly approaching, some of you may consider sending your children to a summer camp or a fun mom's day out camp.  SwimZip want to help you keep your child protected from the sun with UPF 50+ camp shirts during the summer camp hours. Summer camps can provide many great opportunities to learn, interact with other children, and develop independence.  And of course, playing outside during the summer is so fun - there are jungle gyms, sandboxes, water tables, and of course kids imaginations! However, with this increased time spent outside there is consequently an increased risk for sunburn and skin cancer, so it is our job to keep kids UV protected with summer camp shirts with UPF 50+! Here are some scary and inconvenient statistics you may not be aware of:
    • A white cotton t-shirt offers a UPF of 7, and only 3 UPF when wet (UV SwimZip Sunwear Line offers UPF 50+)
    • It is recommended to wait minimum of 30 minutes after sunscreen application before going outdoors to get maximum protection
    • It is recommended you reapply sunscreen every 40-80 minutes (more frequently if sweating or playing in water - this is exactly what they do at summer camp).
    • One severe sunburn as a child doubles their risk of developing melanoma later in life.
    Because of the clear connection between kids, outdoor UV exposure, and summer camps - SwimZip is looking for summer camp owners and summer camp councelers to reach out to us.  We would love to give you an amazing discount on our summer camp shirts with UPF 50+ for your campers - amazing prices, and then you won't have to worry about reapplying sun screen. SwimZip UV protection hopes in the future to partner with more and more summer camps and companies that can help spread the word about sun safety and the need for effective sun protection - and how easy it can be! If your child is going to summer camp please pick up a summer camp shirt with sun protection so they stay sun safe all summer long.  Here are some great UPF 50+ UV protective shirts and swimsuits for girls and boys.   Source: http://www.skincancer.org/prevention/sun-protection/clothing/get-in-on-the-trend - See more at: http://liveinourskinz.com/2014/03/18/uv-skinz-goes-to-camp/#sthash.TolZpukE.dpuf
    [caption id="attachment_7" align="aligncenter" width="625"]summer camp shirt with sun protection Get the best summer camp shirts with UPF 50+ sun protection at SwimZip.[/caption]  

    Hello Summer Sun and Hello UV Protection

    Time to start thinking about UV protection because summer is right around the corner - and so is that summer sun!  We have been waiting all winter for the sun, good-bye cabin fever.  Just being out side on a sunny day brings smiles to our faces, and playing out side for little ones can be a blast and make the day go by in a blink of an eye!
    The sun is so fun, but it can be a little scary if we don't keep our uv sun protection on.  SwimZip (www.swimzip.com) comes with a UV sun shirt that has UPF of 50+ (blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays), an average shirt has a UPF rating of only 7.  How scary.  Our little ones can get harmful UV rays through their shirts.  That is why SwimZip's are so great, you can wear them at the beach or pool while playing in the water, but you can also wear them at the park during extreme sun hours (10AM - 4PM).  When the sun is the strongest that is when it is most important to keep sun protection on our little ones.
    UPF 50+ swimwear and clothing makes UV sun protection so easy!
    Hope you have fun at the park, on walks, and just playing in the front yard this summer!  ENJOY (but make sure you keep that UV protection on from the sun)!
    [caption id="attachment_33" align="aligncenter" width="438"]uv sun protection SwimZip offers fantastic UV sun protection with its UPF 50+ swimwear.[/caption]

    Sun Safe Swimwear for Kids

    Looking for the best sun safe swimwear for kids? Gearing up for June is National Child Safety Awareness Month, Parking Pal recognized SwimZip as one of the great Mom Inventions That Keep Kids Safe!  That is fantastic and gets at the core mission of SwimZip - keeping kids safe from the sun and helping save lives!  Thanks for the great recognition and remember to keep your kids in sun protective clothing and UPF 50+ swimsuits all summer long! [caption id="attachment_40" align="aligncenter" width="576"]swimwear that is sun safe SwimZip offers the best sun protection swimwear! Easy, all day UPF 50+ sun coverage while at the beach or pool.[/caption] SwimZip swimwear (www.swimzip.com) is the brand parents trust for stylish kid swimsuits with fantastic UPF 50+ sun protection. SwimZip makes award winning baby swimsuits, toddler bathing suits, and child swimwear. Parents love SwimZip’s signature full length zipper on its rash guard swim shirts, which make them incredibly easy to put-on and take-off. Whether it is ruffles, bows, flowers, polka dots, or adorable patterns, award winning SwimZip swimwear has the look that toddlers and parents love. Seen on the children of celebrities, on Shark Tank, and sold around the world, SwimZip makes stylish UV sun protection swimwear a zip! For the best sun safe swimwear, choose SwimZip and keep your favorite kid smiling all day long at the beach or pool!