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    Round Towel Finds Perfect Home at SwimZip

    The round towel has found the perfect home at SwimZip!  Round beach towels make the best accessory at the beach or pool because they are functional and so darn cute!

    Round beach towel

    With our line of stylish sun protection swimwear and beachwear for women and kids, these round beach towels have found a natural home at SwimZip.

    Measuring about 5 feet in diameter and made of 100% cotton (with tassels!), this circle towel offers plenty of room to spread out and follow the sun.  Round beach towels make for a luxurious day out by the water.  They are ideal for enjoying that long awaited beach read, a picnic by the pool, or taking in the sunset.  Best of all, you can wrap right up in it to dry off or stay warm at the end of the day!  SwimZip round beach towels make for a perfect a day at the beach!