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    UV Swimwear Blog — the beach people roundie

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    Black and White Nursery - Must have SwimZip Roundie

    Designing a nursery is one of the most fun and stressful parts of a baby.  You want to perfect.  Memorable + Classy + Comfortable.  I love how easy on the eye this Nursery is by Cashmere.  I feel you can walk right in and be comfortable, and that makes baby comfortable.



    This monochrome nursery rug is a must - shhh don't tell anyone it's also a perfect beach blanket.  Totally gender neutral.  SwimZip Roundie is perfect at the beach or in the home.  


    Roundie - the Perfect Beach Towel and Blanket!

    The Perfect Beach Towel is the Roundie by SwimZip!

    These roundies are perfect for 2 people to hang out on, or to wrap around on a chilly day at the beach to stay warm.  People see SwimZip's large circle towels - as towel, or a blanket!  We love these on picnics as well.  A must for anyone!