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    UV Swimwear Blog — swimzip

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    Baby One Piece Sun Suits

    SwimZip offers full-zip one piece swimsuit for babies and toddlers offer superior sun protection with SPF 50+ while making diaper changing a breeze because it's easy to zip right off. UPF UV 50+ sun protection. Match these with a cute sun safe  ("Shady Days") and baby will be sun safe all day!



    These are perfect for fun full sunny days.  In the front yard or at the beach, zip on a SwimZip sunsuit!


    Sun Protection at the Park with SwimZip

    I love taking my boys to the park, but with all the sun that kids get on the walk to and from the park and while playing outside we never leave the house without a sun hat and a sun shirt!  Did you know regular cotton shirts let harmful UV rays through shirts!  So Scary!

    So, I thought I'd show you a cute outfit that I'd put my boys in for our walk.


    I start off with an awesome stylish t - I love this As Seen On IG by Mag Pie 

    Then I toss over a SwimZip zip up shirt - this one is called Surfer Dude (red/white)

    I add some cute freshly picked moccs - prefect for baby feet to learn to walk!

    A pair of harem shorts - i love the ones by Little Gypsey Finery

    We can't go anywhere without a teether!  My babies teether are coming in - how cute is this Bannor Toy Bear Teether!

    Also, both my boys LOVE bubbles right now, so we bring some bubble along for our longer walks!  :)  

    And I never go to the park without a SwimZip Roundie!


    And don't forget - I always put sunscreen on the boys and I whenever we leave the house!

    Shark Bite Swim Trunks - SwimZip

    Just a Sun Lovin Beach Bum!  How cute is this perfect sun shinny Boys outfit!  With two boys I'm always looking for adorable ways to get them dressed and without being able to rock tons of cute girly outfits - I just have to look for amazing designers.  Like this cute shirt by Jen who is the designer behind Monkey Bug!


    Who also makes one of my favorite shirts ever - ROAR means I LOVE YOU in Dinosaur!!!  Anyways, if you are looking for some fun boy outfits, don't forget to check out these shops below!


    Adorable Summer Peg Toys by the whimsical sweet

    Kids Sun Hat - SwimZip

    I love being out side with my boys!  I love playing at the park, chalk in the driveway, digging for worms (maybe not too much, but it's fun), eating ice cream, splashing in the ocean, riding bikes, the list goes on.  I'm just an outdoors person (winter is SO hard for me)!  Anyways, if you ever see any of my photos you will see that my kids do NOT go outside without a sun hat.  Why?  Being diagnosed with skin cancer at 26, I have learned my lesson.  Sun hats ALL the time, and sun screen.  Kids can get a lot of vitamin D from food you give them, and also sun screen wears off and they will get some sun. So for me keeping them sun safe is #1 and it starts with wearing a hat daily. 

    For me a good sun hat is everything.  SwimZip now offers Sun Hats which have a UPF 50+ protection in the fabric.  Not all hats provide this type of sun protection.  Also, we have a wide brim that provides extra sun protection around the face and back of the neck.  It is also ADJUSTABLE!  It's awesome!  It really can fit any head perfectly.  We have colors for boys and girls!  Here is the red hat - these are unisex so you can go gender neutral or gender specific!  


    So, again why not make an outfit out of this one!  I love seeing how outfits come together.  

    We love rocking our SwimZip war by the beach and also in daily life!  Here is our red Hat and Board Shorts yellow shorts
    Pineapple shorts: trendy_little_creations
    Shirt: finfirst 
    Shoes: reignlandconcept
    Sunglasses: littlesunshineshades



    Here you can see the SwimZip Sun Fun Play Hat in Red on an adorable little girl!  Our Sun Hats can be work for girls or boys!


    Toddler Rash Guard

    When shopping for toddlers it is so important to find something they want to wear.  Rash guards can be extremely 'sticky' when went and extremely hard to get off.

    So - we created SwimZip - Rash Guards that come off with one quick zip.  You might be worried if the zipper would bug them, but don't you worry - I'm a mom of 2 boys and I thought the same thing - so I created a zipper flap that lays flat and protects their precious skin from getting rubbed with our zipper.  

    Kids even feel so comfortable it could be their PJs and head to the beach straight from waking up - and have donuts on the beach.  Okay, maybe that is a little far, my son still loves his footed PJs, but I might be able to convince him to wear his SwimZip.


    Kids enjoy playing in the sand with our longer length shirts, so there is no extra sun exposure on their backs.  We offer rash guards and rash guard sets for both boys and girls!