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    Best Toddler Girl UPF 50+ sun safe swimwear surf suit by SwimZip

    Best Toddler Girl UPF 50+ sun safe swimwear surf suit by SwimZip
    Spending even 20 minutes on the beach requires sunscreen. But first we start with protective SPF 50 swimwear for the kids. SwimZip has been a favorite of ours for a few years now. The designs and styles of the swimwear is functional, affordable and so darn cute!

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    Resort Wear - Light Weight Sun Protection

    Resort Wear - Light Weight Sun Protection

    If you're headed somewhere warm for the holidays and looking for high quality light weight sun protection look no further - SwimZip has you covered (literally).  SwimZip offers beautiful light weight cover ups that are perfect for walking the beach, or headed to the palapa for a yummy lunch.  It provides awesome coverage and also UPF 50+ sun protection.  


    Light Weight Sun Protection

    How to stay safe from sun burns - SwimZip

    Having a blast at the beach means NO MORE SUNBURNS.  Sunburns hurt the day you get them, can hurt for a few days after, and did you know just a few bad sunburns can lead to skin cancer??

    After being diagnosed with skin cancer at 26, I started SwimZip! I wanted to be sure I could keep my boys sun safe... and fashionable!  Here is an adorable SwimZip called Hamptons Getaway in Green!

     So, SwimZip was born.  It is for all kids, all women, all men, it is for everyone every age, race, color ... everyone.  "Anyone can get skin cancer. Skin cancer does not care what color your skin is, what political affiliation you have, what religion you are,” said Dr. Adam Friedman of Montefiore Medical Center in New York.

    So, here is one of my favorite outfits for my boys when we are heading to the beach to just play in the sand.  How do you dress your kids when you're heading to the beach?

    We love this I Like Naps Romper and Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper!  Green Day at the beach.



    Mix and Match SwimZip Rash Guard Tops

    We were in Florida for a month.  It was awesome, but I have to say heading to the beach every day and solid naps for my 2.5 year old son, that made it even more amazing.  I also loved not worrying about reapplying sun screen every two hours.  He played in the waves, built sand castles, and even enjoyed some ice cream from the beach shake!  I really loved having an extra pair of shorts and shirt in my beach bag so I could quickly put him into something dry if he was tired, or wanted to lay on our SwimZip Roundie to take a break.

    Did you know SwimZip sells Rash Guards by themselves, not as sets?  We offer rash guard shirts for boys, and rash guard shirts and UPF swim shorts for girls!  We make it so easy just to have an extra shirt in their bag if they are wanting to toss on something dry.

    Here is our girls Salt Water Babes Teal Short Sleeve Zipper Rash Guard.  It is matched with our Caribbean Splash Swim Shorts that come with just a little ruffle!



    6 Must Haves for taking Kids to the Beach

    Here are a list of must haves while taking your kids to the beach!  SwimZip Swimwear you can't go anywhere without!

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