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    UV Swimwear Blog — roundie beach towels

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    Round Beach Towels for a Better Day at the Beach

    Round beach towels and make a day at the beach so much better!  These circles in the sand create so much mores space for keeping your favorite goodies out of the sand.  There is room for more than one person to fit on these circle beach towels - so they are perfect for enjoying a romantic sunset with your favorite sweetheart … or snuggling up with your best little bud!  But, the biggest reason the round towels are so convenient is because you can simply turn your body to adjust with the sun.  If you want the sun on your face, simply turn to face it.  If you would rather it be on your back, just turn around.  It is so easy!

    SwimZip Roundie beach towels are 100% beach towel cotton … so they are perfect for sitting around on the beach or bundling up when the sun sets to keep warm.  SwimZip's circle beach towels come in three fun designs with tassel detail and make great gifts!


    round beach towel


    If you are looking for one beach accessory that will make a big difference for your time at the beach or pool this summer, then think big!  Get the SwimZip Roundie round beach towel today!