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    Resort Wear - Light Weight Sun Protection

    Resort Wear - Light Weight Sun Protection

    If you're headed somewhere warm for the holidays and looking for high quality light weight sun protection look no further - SwimZip has you covered (literally).  SwimZip offers beautiful light weight cover ups that are perfect for walking the beach, or headed to the palapa for a yummy lunch.  It provides awesome coverage and also UPF 50+ sun protection.  


    Light Weight Sun Protection

    Long Sleeve Rash Guard Fashion

    When at the beach or pool, at first I felt a little strange wearing long sleeves, all these other ladies are wearing their cute bikinis or adorable one pieces.

    Then I remember how bad those sun burns hurt when I was a kid.  I remembered those nights I'd wake up with chills because the sunburn hurt me so bad.  Then I realized I was covered (no pun intended).  After a few days of seeing the same women at the pool, a couple of them came over to me and said where did you get that black and white shirt from.  The cut is so flattering on you - you look tiny.  My spirits lifted a bit after that quick conversation and quickly we chatted about sun protection and I had pool friends the whole summer.  Talking about fun Friday nights out with the kids, to diaper changing craziness - we were friends.  So, I just wanted to let everyone know - it is cool and fashionable to wear sun shirts.  I wish I would have known about this before I was diagnosed with skin cancer, but I can't go back now.  I can only protect my little ones with their SwimZips, and protect myself with the womens SwimZips!


    Cheers to no cancer and staying fashion and stylish!

    Three Ways to Style A Sun Shirt … Keeping Sun Safety Fashionable

    Unflattering bulky sun shirts that don't make you feel good leads many people to thing that sun safety means sacrificing style for functionality.  Well, let me tell you they are wrong!  After having found skin cancer when I was 26, I have been pretty much afraid to go out in the sun.  Never leave the house without a hat, sunscreen and a sun shirt.
    SwimZip offers adorable UPF 50+ sun shirts that can be worn at the beach or while on the go.  Here are three ways to style a sun shirt to make sure you keep the sun off AND look good doing it!:
    1.  Wear it while you're cruising. on a vesba ride or with the top down :)
    2. Wear them over your favorite bikini
    3. Enjoying a cold treat on a hot day!