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    UV Swimwear Blog — rash guard for little boys

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    Resort Wear - Light Weight Sun Protection

    Resort Wear - Light Weight Sun Protection

    If you're headed somewhere warm for the holidays and looking for high quality light weight sun protection look no further - SwimZip has you covered (literally).  SwimZip offers beautiful light weight cover ups that are perfect for walking the beach, or headed to the palapa for a yummy lunch.  It provides awesome coverage and also UPF 50+ sun protection.  


    Light Weight Sun Protection

    Fashionable UV Swimwear

    These little cuties just light up a room with their smile!  We love seeing how parents photograph their kiddos in their SwimZip Gear.  Qiana  did such an amazing job capturing the joy of her kids just playing. 


    She is rocking her Sassy Surfer Rash Guard Set - it comes with a top and bottom - so you get your suit that she can rock the whole summer.  Sassy Surfer comes in tons of different fun prints and styles. 


    Here you can see him rocking his Short Sleeve Rash Guard - SwimZip sells sets and also separates.  You can make you're own perfect outfit for the summer.

    These two cuties make the perfect pair.  Fun Zipper Rash Guard as well as Little Adi Co Swim Bummies, and George Hats!  Adorable!

    Toddler Rash Guard Swimwear - SwimZip has You Covered! (SPF 50+)

    Toddler rash guard swimwear with SPF 50 is a no-brainer for any mom.  As a mommy to two amazing little guys - and one is a toddler - I know first hand what fun (but also a handful) these little ones can be.  One of our daily oh-so-fun interactions involves his clothes.  He loves to pick out his clothes and be independent!  It's awesome and wonderful ... but sometimes I just know what is best.  One of my favorite things is that he LOVES his SwimZips.  Yes, I'm a mommy that owns many SwimZip toddler rash guards - imagine that.  ;-)

    But he actually asks to wear them!  What is so nice, is that most people don't even notice that it is a rash guard for little boys. He wears them to the park, the beach, the playground, school, and the pool - oh yeah and ice cream (here in Kansas summers hit 100 degrees and ice cream is a must).  

    SO, here are just a few so you can see how stylish these UPF rash guards are, which do you love?

    Toddler rash guard swimwear

    How cute is this little guy in his Hamptons Getaway in Red with navy and off white stripes.  LOVE!


    Oh! Oh! Summer Fun!  Does it get must cuter than this.  I love this simple style, with a few fun bows for fun girly flair!


    Yes Please!  I mean come on - Shark Attack SwimZip is SO gosh darn cute.  Little "bite" on their booty.


    Classic.  SwimZip Sassy Surfer in Navy is one that will be able to be used in every occasion!  It is simple, sleek, and nautical.  LOVE those polka dots!  Can't go wrong.


    Moms know these days that toddler rash guard swimwear is incredibly important for keeping their little ones skin safe.  Be smart mamas! … Choose rash guard swimsuits with SPF 50+ sun protection and great style.  Choose award winning SwimZip toddler rash guard swimwear!