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    6 Must Haves for taking Kids to the Beach

    Here are a list of must haves while taking your kids to the beach!  SwimZip Swimwear you can't go anywhere without!

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    Chic SPF Clothing - SwimZip

    Are you leading out for a fun day in the sun and worried about a day full of sun exposure?  Don't worry.  We have you covered.  SwimZip offers chic SPF Shirts and Dresses that will keep you sun safe all day.  Designing SwimZip swimwear has been amazing.  I love brining fashion and function together in one.  We have Swim Shirts in long sleeve and short sleeve, and also dresses and cover ups.  We have chic options that are perfect to wear while walking the beach, or at a pool party.  

    We love seeing our sun shirts paired with other swimwear pieces.  SwimZip has tons of different colors and options that are a must to add a little extra sun protection to the shoulders and chest area (or with long sleeves your forearms and tops of hands).

    How do you stay sun safe?


    Fashionable Beach Cover Up

    Having two boys let me tell you staying fashionable is tough.  I have boogies wiped on my pants daily, usually after lunch leftovers as well - and then baby brother has some on his face he loves to rub into my shoulders.  So cute clothes that are not washable are out the window.  

    So, we love heading to the pool in my SwimZip Sun Dress!  It is light weight and the prints are fashion forward.  The cut is extremely flattering and you don't have to worry about applying sunscreen.  SwimZip offer UPF 50+ which is just like SPF 50 - that blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays!  Also, did I mention you can just toss these in the washer to get them clean, I wash them on cold and hang them dry, but they are super easy.  

    Also, the light weight keeps you cool, but also dries extremely quick!  You can thank me later for this little tidbit - having 2 boys under 3, I need all the little tips and tricks I can get so share them when I can!


    Much Love!


    Pregnant Must Have Swimwear

    Last summer I was 7 months pregnant and was extremely busy with my 2 year old running around outside, and at the pool. Kansas summers can get hot (I'm talking 100 degrees and pregnant hot), and I knew I wanted something that I could use while I was pregnant and also post pregnancy.  If you're pregnant and busy chasing after older kids, you might think about getting SwimZip's Must Have Pregnant Swimwear: Short Sleeve Rash Guards, Long Sleeve Rash Guards, Swim Cover Up, and Swim Dress.  We also offer Rash Guards for Plus Sizes.  All of these offer UPF 50+ protection.  Below you will see SwimZip Black Essential Swim Dress - this is an essential for any trip to the beach.  Our material is a nylon / lycra blend that is extremely soft.  These are perfect to toss on over your favorite one piece, or bikini.  It adds a lot of sun protection and you will not lose the fashion.

    The Essential Swim Dress has a great zipper so you can wear it just who you want, and also two ruches on the side so you can synch it up as short as you want or let it loose.  These are made to fit everyBODY!  Enjoy babes!