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    UV Swimwear Blog — kansas city summer internship

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    SwimZip Summer Internship - Welcome Ali!

    SwimZip is so excited to welcome our summer intern, Ali, to the SwimZip family!:

    Hey it's me, Ali!  I am the new SwimZip intern!  Like many people, I heard of SwimZip through Shark Tank and was blown away by the product and the story behind the product.  I was so excited to learn that SwimZip headquarters was based in my hometown and on a whim emailed SwimZip to see if they would need an intern.  Considering I get star struck when I see local weatherman, you can only imagine what I did when I received an email from Betsy, the founder of SwimZip, herself...Let's just say it's all I talked about for 2 weeks straight.  After communicating with Betsy back and forth through email and then meeting up when I cam home for break from school, I was hired as a SwimZip intern!  I have been so lucky to get to work one on one with Betsy.  For the first couple months of my internship we had to communicate via text and email while I was away at college  But now I am back home for the summer and we have already been able to create even more fun SwimZip images and ideas!  Cannot wait to learn so much from this amazing company and be able to interact with you all! 



    SwimZip Intern