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    UV Swimwear Blog — circle towel

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    SwimZip Round Towel Company

    SwimZip Round Towel Company

    For the round towel company with the best quality circle beach towels, head on over to SwimZip.  SwimZip's plush 100% cotton round beach towels are large enough for two (1500 mm) and people love to use them as beach blankets.

    round towel company


    SwimZip round towel company has orange towels, black towels, and blue towels.  Our stylish designs also come with tassels.  They also make a great fun and functional gift (and we do offer corporate gifting options).

    If you are looking for the best roundie circle towels, best quality, and best prices, then come to SwimZip, the best round towel company.


    Roundie - the Perfect Beach Towel and Blanket!

    The Perfect Beach Towel is the Roundie by SwimZip!

    These roundies are perfect for 2 people to hang out on, or to wrap around on a chilly day at the beach to stay warm.  People see SwimZip's large circle towels - as towel, or a blanket!  We love these on picnics as well.  A must for anyone!

    Round Towel Finds Perfect Home at SwimZip

    The round towel has found the perfect home at SwimZip!  Round beach towels make the best accessory at the beach or pool because they are functional and so darn cute!

    Round beach towel

    With our line of stylish sun protection swimwear and beachwear for women and kids, these round beach towels have found a natural home at SwimZip.

    Measuring about 5 feet in diameter and made of 100% cotton (with tassels!), this circle towel offers plenty of room to spread out and follow the sun.  Round beach towels make for a luxurious day out by the water.  They are ideal for enjoying that long awaited beach read, a picnic by the pool, or taking in the sunset.  Best of all, you can wrap right up in it to dry off or stay warm at the end of the day!  SwimZip round beach towels make for a perfect a day at the beach!


    SwimZip Circle Towles - Perfect for any outdoor activity

    Babes, summer is coming and I need a new wardrobe. (And a SwimZip Circle Towel!)  Last summer I was extremely pregnant so I only did shopping for the belly.  So I have been trying to find some pieces that I really love and can rock in more than one outfit.  I have found a few pieces that I really really love.  This tank top is one of them - you all know I'm not a sun lover, but I LOVE this!  It is so fun, bold, and creative.  I looked a bit more into Jolly Good Apparel and learned this: Jollygood Apparel is a Southern California, home based clothing line for the whole family. Selling fun-loving unisex designs. All printed on American made, eco friendly, American Apparel. We create 100% original graphic design tees for the whole family. We started Jollygood for the obvious reason that it is so hard to find cool clothes for kids, clothes that fit well and match their personalities. I get my inspiration from them and the things we do in our everyday lives and family traditions I've experienced growing up. 


    Jolly Good Apparel - They have the cutest shirts for kids and adults.  I love this one - Live Life in the sun (even though I hide from it with my skin cancer ;) ).  But my son has one, Let's Go On An Adventure - holy cow, I get more people commenting on that shirt than I do any other shirt I own.  I will own it in EVERY size.
    Mykookiejar Earrings - I am smitten over these!  I love the mint color, just a little pop.  And I am totally digging earnings again, my little guy doesn't try to rip them out of my ears anymore.  These are must, well done!
    Bow lovely boutique headband love these headbands!  Comfortable and Stylish!  A must have for any lady.

    WeeStructed bag - Raising Tiny Humans Is Exhausting - TRUTH!  Love this company, and the mama behind it - she jus knows!  I don't have this bag .. yet, but I plan to!  It's awesome!!

    SwimZip Circle Towel: These towels are 5 ft wide, and they are extremely soft.  You can use one of these circle towels at the beach, or while on a picnic or adventure with your kiddos or that special someone!  The Black Sand Beaches Circle Towel is soft and classic, a must for everyone over the summer.  Round beach towels make adjusting to the sun incredibly easy and they look so cool!  

    Sandles are Roxy


    What are you summer must haves?!


    Fashionable Beach Cover Up

    Having two boys let me tell you staying fashionable is tough.  I have boogies wiped on my pants daily, usually after lunch leftovers as well - and then baby brother has some on his face he loves to rub into my shoulders.  So cute clothes that are not washable are out the window.  

    So, we love heading to the pool in my SwimZip Sun Dress!  It is light weight and the prints are fashion forward.  The cut is extremely flattering and you don't have to worry about applying sunscreen.  SwimZip offer UPF 50+ which is just like SPF 50 - that blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays!  Also, did I mention you can just toss these in the washer to get them clean, I wash them on cold and hang them dry, but they are super easy.  

    Also, the light weight keeps you cool, but also dries extremely quick!  You can thank me later for this little tidbit - having 2 boys under 3, I need all the little tips and tricks I can get so share them when I can!


    Much Love!