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    UV Swimwear Blog — baby sun protection

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    Baby Sun Hat with Chin Strap

    Finding a baby sun hat with chin strap, adjustable head size, and SPF 50+ material can be difficult.  But the SwimZip "Fun Sun Play" wide brim sun hat is a baby sun protection hat that does all that!  

    Baby Sun Hat with Chin Strap

    These baby beach hats come in a variety of fun colors and make the perfect complement to SwimZip's baby rashguard shirts and sunsuits with SPF 50+ sun protection and are critical for keeping young, fragile skin UV safe all day.  The adjustable chin strap is perfect for keeping the hat on during windy days or when your baby boy or baby girl would prefer to wear no hat at all (but you know better!).

    Come check out SwimZip's fantastic baby sun protection line of UPF 50+ swimwear and sun hats.  Getting all day sun protection for baby has never been this easy!

    SwimZip's baby sun hat with chin strap is the solution to easy all day UV sun protection.

    Introducing… Wide Brim SUN HATS with SPF 50+! Plus, a giveaway.

    Our new SwimZip wide brim sun hats with SPF 50+ UV sun protect ("Fun Sun Play" Hats) have us jumping for joy over here at SwimZip Headquarters. Betsy designed them to be slightly longer in the front and back, along with a wide brim, to protect your little babes from the sun's harmful UV rays. Our new hats come in MANY colors including a darling soft lavender, light pink, white, orange, dark blue, light blue, bright orange, bright yellow, and more. 

    We know the beach can get a bit windy, so we added the elastic cap tightener (seen in the photo above) so that your littles have a snug fitted sun hat that stays on! The hats also have a simple string that tightens below the chin (as seen below). 

    We have customized the colors so that they go with your favorite SwimZip! We are so excited for you to try them out and let us know what you think. 


    Go to our Facebook or Instagram (or both for double chances to win!!) and follow the simple instructions there to enter yourself and TWO friends to win a SwimZip sun hat of their choice. 

    Can't wait to see your photos! Remember to tag us and use #SwimZip so that we can follow your sun safe adventures. xoxo 

    Best Baby Swimwear - SwimZip featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine!

    The best baby swimwear can be found at SwimZip!  Adorable SwimZip newborn swimsuits were recently featured in June's Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine: [caption id="attachment_95" align="aligncenter" width="660"]newborn swimwear SwimZip was featured in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine as one of the best baby swimsuits! Check out our great selection of adorable baby swimwear![/caption] For best styles with unbeatable sun protection, SwimZip offers the cutest baby swimsuits.  All of our baby swimwear features UPF 50+ UV baby sun protection to keep baby's sensitive skin safe from the sun. SwimZip infant swimwear is incredibly easy to put on and take off with our signature full length zipper rash guard swim shirts.  Just slip on the swim shirt like a jacket - and off you go to splash and play.  Other baby swim shirts will have you yanking your babies sensitive head through a super tight rash guard neck hole.  Our newborn swim shirts are so easy to put on! SwimZip's super cute line of baby swimsuits have been seen on the kids of celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Tori Spelling!  Our baby swimwear is perfect for those once in a lifetime photo opportunities at the beach or pool! [caption id="attachment_96" align="alignright" width="178"]newborn swimwear SwimZip's infant swimwear is super cute and offers UPF 50+ UV sun protection![/caption] Remember, baby skin is particularly sensitive to the sun's UV rays  -  and skin cancer later in life has been linked directly to UV exposure in childhood!  The beach and pool are particularly UV intense environments with the sun's rays bouncing around off of the water and sand.  When it comes to baby swim time, be sure to get a baby swimsuit with UV sun protection! For the best baby swimwear, with the cutest styles, and UV sun protection, get SwimZip!