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    UV Swimwear Blog — baby boy

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    Baby Sun Hat with Chin Strap

    Finding a baby sun hat with chin strap, adjustable head size, and SPF 50+ material can be difficult.  But the SwimZip "Fun Sun Play" wide brim sun hat is a baby sun protection hat that does all that!  

    Baby Sun Hat with Chin Strap

    These baby beach hats come in a variety of fun colors and make the perfect complement to SwimZip's baby rashguard shirts and sunsuits with SPF 50+ sun protection and are critical for keeping young, fragile skin UV safe all day.  The adjustable chin strap is perfect for keeping the hat on during windy days or when your baby boy or baby girl would prefer to wear no hat at all (but you know better!).

    Come check out SwimZip's fantastic baby sun protection line of UPF 50+ swimwear and sun hats.  Getting all day sun protection for baby has never been this easy!

    SwimZip's baby sun hat with chin strap is the solution to easy all day UV sun protection.